My 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Is it worth opening up a store credit to shop?!

Yes, and no. I have the store debit card that I got years ago. If you can not manage credit cards well- I would not suggest it. I also do not think going into debt for a sale is worth it. Which brings me to my next point…


I think a sale like the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a great time to buy closet staple items or items you genuinely NEED. If you already have something, do not buy it just because it’s on sale. Really think about each item and ask yourself how many wears will you get out of that item. Aim to get at least 20 wears for each item.

You do get some benefits to owning a Nordstrom card. For a limited time, make any purchase at Nordstrom, on your new card the day you’re approved and get a $40 bonus Note for future use. There is no annual fee, and you can earn point 3x faster.

Houston lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her top 2019 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks and why she thinks they are worth the money!

What is a “note”?

for every $2,000 points, you get a $20 note- which is basically $20. If you want to learn more about the Nordy club and the benefits, you can visit this page.


What kind of products are in the sale?

you can find a little bit of everything, but most of the items during the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are fall/winter items. You can find a few items though that can be worn all year round


Do things sell out quickly?

Yes, and *most* items don’t always get restocked, so if you do find something, grab it while you can.


Other things worth mentioning;

You can use Personal 2x points days (where you get double the points). $10 Bonus Note – Cardmembers receive a $10 bonus note when they buy online and pick up in store 7/12-7/14. Visit here for more details about the #Nsale.


My Final tips;

After shopping this sale for 4 years, I would look for items that you are really going to be saving on. A lot of items are only $10-$15 dollars cheaper. Items to look for tend to be jeans, jackets, bags, and shoes. Note- a lot of items you can find even cheaper elsewhere, so again- be mindful with what you are buying. Don’t buy just to buy.

Below I am breaking it down my recommendations based on categories, and what I have bought myself. I want to thank you guys for shopping from my links and supporting Uptown- it means the world! If you have any questions about the #nsale or if you’re looking for something I may not have included, please shoot me an email, or reach out via social media and I will be glad to help!






Shoes are my weakness. If you are needing OTK boots (see how I wear mine here) or shoes, now would be a good time to buy them. If you’re looking to really invest and save, I would recommend the Stuart Weitzman OTK boots, I have a pair and LOVE them. 

outfits 1- jacket / top (apart of the Nsale) / jeans / bag (similar) / boots (apart of the Nsale)
2dress / boots (apart of the Nsale) / bag (similar)
3blazer (similar) / tee / jeans (apart of the Nsale) / boots (apart of the Nsale)

outfit details 1leggings (apart of the Nsale) / tee / jacket / bag / shoes (apart of the Nsale)
2jeans / tank / blazer (apart of the Nsale) / bag (similar) / headband / shoes (apart of the Nsale)
3dress / bag / shoes (apart of the Nsale)

outfit details 1- cardigan (similar one) / tee / leggings (apart of the Nsale) / scarf (similar) / bag (similar) / boots (apart of the Nsale)
2- skirt / top (apart of the Nsale) / jacket (apart of the Nsale) / boots (apart of the Nsale) / bag (similar)
3- sweater (similar) / jacket (apart of the Nsale) / jeans / boots (apart of the Nsale) / bag (similar)

outfit details 1dress / boots (apart of the Nsale) 
2dress (similar) / blazer / boots (apart of the Nsale) 
3shorts / top / blazer (apart of the Nsale) / boots (apart of the Nsale) 




BlankNYC, in my opinion, has the best faux motto jackets. One great addition to add is a staple blazer (see how I wear mine here), I have a few and they are my ride or die! If you don’t have any, I would highly recommend adding a black pair to your closet as a staple. 

outfit details 1- skirt / tank / blazer (apart of the Nsale) / boots (apart of the Nsale) 
2- dress (similar) / top (similar) / blazer (apart of the Nsale) / boots (apart of the Nsale) 
3shorts / top / blazer (apart of the Nsale) / boots (apart of the Nsale) 



Sweaters & Tops-

Please play very close attention as too much how you’re really saving here. A lot of tops and sweaters are about $20 off, only buy if you REALLY NEED and love the sweater. I would also recommend looking into the layering basics that are good year after year.

outfit details 1- skirt (similar and under $50 here) / top  / jacket  / boots — ALL APART OF THE NSALE 
2-  top (apart of the Nsale) / vest (similar)  / jeans / boots (apart of the Nsale) / bag  
3top / dress / boots (apart of the Nsale)





Not really impressed this year. I did, however, snag the midi skirt for post-baby! The Spanx faux leather leggings (have them and love them) I would recommend. Any other leggings I feel like you can find so much cheaper elsewhere. Also- I bought the wide leg Good American denim- holy cow are they comfy- very impressed!

outfit details 1- skirt (similar and under $50 here) / top  / jacket  / boots — ALL APART OF THE NSALE  
2-  top  / skirt  (similar here) / jacket / shoes — ALL APART OF THE NSALE 
3top / skirt (similar and under $50 here) / blazer / boots — ALL APART OF THE NSALE 


Handbags & Accessories-

I know most of you like to spend money on bags, and this year I feel like the pickings are very slim, nothing really to go crazy over. The bags below are my favorite.



Beauty sets are always great value- the Tom Ford sets especially! The products below are all ones I own, have tried and swear by! 



Kids can be a bit tricky, I would look for jackets, sneakers, or baby gear. Nuna specifically is a VERY good brand with great baby gear. It’s pricey, but very well worth the money. 



JB likes things fitted very slim and form fitted (which I also love). He is also a very picky man, finding clothes for him has been a challenge. Thankfully, as we have been slowly building his wardrobe, we have been able to find some quality items for him at Nordstrom. A few of his favorite brands have been Paige for denim, Goodlife for shirts, and Topman for button downs.

outfit details ( all clothing is apart of the Nsale) 1top / jeans / boots 
2- top / jeans / boots 
3- top / jeans / boots 
4- top / jeans / boots 








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