2021 Spring Trends You Can Actually Wear

Ever watch fashion shows and think- gosh I love that, but there is no way I can actually wear that day to day or in real life? I know I have been! I love looking at trends and studying things and watching shows- but sometimes I couldn’t be caught in 99% of the items that are on the runway. I mean- 4 kids here, I need to move and MOVE FAST at the drop of a hat.

Most of us are moms who want to look cute and be on-trend, but again- not everything is precisely easy with kids. Or, you’re single, and again the runway isn’t real life for you. Well, I’m here to help! ? Today we are breaking down 2021 Spring trends- BETTER YET- Spring trends that are liveable, moveable, trendy, but still classic pieces.

Looking for a breakdown in 2021 Spring Trends that you can ACTUALLY wear? Elly Brown is breaking it down with everything you need to know.

Mix ’em up, or wear them all together. Skies the limit, and wear what makes you happy! Interesting to note that a lot of the 2021 Spring trends you’ll see in one piece. For example, you’ll see statement sleeves that are eyelet tops, or eyelet tops with a bold sleeve AND a soft hue.

I hope you enjoy all the picks below! If you buy any of the below, make sure to share with me, I would love to see your take on Spring trends!


The Utility trend may be my favorite one of Spring 2021. It’s not a new trend by any means, though. When it comes to the utility trend, think clean-cut lines, lots of green, and all the pockets. It’s comfortable but convenient. Functional and inspired by military.

Statement Sleeves

Go Big or go home, or your sleeves at least, too cheesy? Here you’ll see gorgeous tops with big statement sleeves, but you can also find gorgeous dresses with big bold balloon sleeves. If balloon sleeves are not your thing, you can always try ruffle sleeves!

Straight Leg Denim

Before you roll your eye at me for allowing a Gen Z-approved trend here, give me a second ?. I wouldn’t say I like the long baggy denim, BUT I think a GOOD cropped straight leg denim is good. The key here is to find a CROPPED one. Look for one about an inch or two above your ankles.

Soft Hues

Soft hues are EVERYWHERE! Have you noticed? From Lilacs to soft blues, the baby colors are out full swing. Does anyone remember the color baby blue and baby pink?? Even though Spring is a great time to wear loud and bold colors, pretty pastels are also gorgeous during the spring season.


From tops to dresses and even shorts- you’ll find eyelet details everywhere this season. It’s pretty and feminine all in one. I personally love pairing it with the utility trend. The mix of feminine and masculine look SO good together.

Comment below, Which of the above 2021 Spring trends is your favorite? Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!




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