2023 Festive Outfits: Unwrapping Styles

If you haven’t found your 2023 festive outfits for the holidays yet, then you are in the right place. I am pulling all my current and past looks together to give you some ideas to make this season easier for you! Because let’s face it… all our time and energy needs to go to get those last-minute gifts plus the house picked up before guests come over. Treat this post as your guide to things you may already have in your closet so that you can create a new outfit you haven’t worn before. I know I have done that several times and it never disappoints! OR treat yourself to a new outfit… that also never disappoints! 🤪 So whether you’re a laid-back homebody or the life of the party, there’s a perfect Christmas outfit waiting for you below.


For the fashionistas who believe in going all out, the overdresser steals the spotlight at every holiday event. If I am being honest here, this is usually the look I go for. I would so much rather show up overdressed rather than underdressed! Sequins, glitter, and bold patterns are the name of the game. A sequined dress or a statement jumpsuit paired with high heels and dazzling accessories is the key to turning heads and making a grand entrance. Don’t forget to bring that main character energy to the room too!

jacket // skirt // shoes // bag (similar)

Elly Brown wearing a feather strapless top and leather midi skirt

top (similar)// skirt // shoes

dress // heels // earrings (similar)

dress // shoes // bag (similar)


She’s slightly over-dressed but with just a touch of sparkle. This can also be slightly over-dressed, but I think you can always tone down the look by wearing your outfit with flats or adding a different element to the look, like an oversized blazer or a fuzzy sweater with a sequin skirt.

black blazer and silver sequin midi skirt

blazer // skirt // shoes (similar) // purse

2023 festive outfits in sequin midi skirt and purple floral cardigan

top // skirt // shoes // purse

2023 festive outfits in draper james red and black womans suit and metallic ballet flats

jacket // bottoms // shoes

top // blazer // skirt // stockings // shoes


For those who prefer a relaxed approach to holiday gatherings, the Casual Comfort Queen opts for cozy sweaters, stylish leggings, and warm and flat shoes. This look is effortlessly chic, combining comfort with a hint of holiday flair. Think oversized knits in festive colors and classic bottoms (or sequins) for a stylish Christmas celebration. I also added a few chic non-festive looks for the girls who don’t love color or sequins.

elly brown wearing a white long sleeve blouse layered under a black and silver dress with tights and loafers

dress// shirt // stockings // shoes

casual 2023 festive outfits with buddylove black and gold blazer

jacket // pants // shoes

Velvet pink long sleeve top paired with black pants part of 2023 festive outfits.

top // pants // shoes // bag (similar)

top // pants (similar) // shoes

sweater // skirt // boots (similar) // bag

top // skirt // stockings // boots (similar) // bag (similar) // blazer


For those who love the warmth of your own home and prefer a low-key celebration, the homebody style is about comfort and coziness. Soft, oversized sweaters, fleece-lined leggings, and fuzzy socks set the tone for a laid-back Christmas.

sleeper set // flats

sweater // bottoms // shoes

This Christmas, there’s a style for everyone, no matter your preferences or plans. Whether you’re curling up by the fireplace with loved ones or dancing the night away at a glamorous party, let your outfit reflect the joy and spirit of the season. Unwrap your style and make this holiday season a truly fashionable celebration. Cheers to a stylish and Merry Christmas, friend!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed all the 2023 festive outfits for this holiday season.

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