3 Makeup looks with L’Oreal Makeup

New and Improved! This post needed a little face lift?. Today I am sharing 3 looks with L’Oreal Makeup, all SUPER easy that anyone can do! If you’re coming from Pinterest, then I am so glad you are here! Although the images may look new and updated, you will still be able to find links to everything I used down below, and a step by step on how to create these three eye makeup looks.



Houston beauty and lifestyle blogger Elly from Uptown With Elly Brown shares 3 Easy Makeup looks. Brows to smokey eye tutorials with L'Oreal Makeup. // How To Make Your Eyes Look Biggerproducts: Voluminous Mascara | Liquid Pencil Eyeliner | Eyeshadow ( for brows)

1. Don’t forget the eyebrows!
2. Don’t line the lower rim on your eye.
3. Do use concealer under the eyes
4. When applying liner DO apply eyeliner above the top lash line and outer rim of your eyes
5. Don’t forget mascara!



How to create a soft winged liner look with liner
How to create a soft winged liner look with liner
How to create a soft winged liner look with liner

products:  Infallible matte eyeliner / false lashes


  1. Start with drawing the winged line on the outer corner of your eye.
  2. Connect the line over your lid
  3. Taking a small angle brush you are going to perfect the line to make it more like a winged line
  4. Once you mapped out the winger line, you will create a sideways V by diffusing your liner with a smudge brush.



Easy metallic eyeshadow tutorial with L'Oréal Makeup
Easy metallic eyeshadow tutorial with L'Oréal Makeup
Easy metallic eyeshadow tutorial with L'Oréal Makeup

products: metallic shadow in color “Radiant Ruby” / False Lashes 


This may be the EASIEST way to get a gorgeous eye look without having to use tons of colors or blend a whole lot. All you need is to choose your favorite metallic eye color, apply, and then diffuse it with a blending brush, or your fingers. Add mascara, and lashes if you want, and boom! All done.



If you enjoyed these makeup looks, be sure to check out more looks before you go.
Thank you so much for stopping by!


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Okay – I had NO idea about that eye trick – SO Helpful and such a subtle change, but who knew it could make THAT much of a difference! Loved your other tutorials as well. So helpful and definitely covered the products nicely! #client


love the make-up tips! <3 <3


Awesome tips! I love all the looks, especially the smoky eye. You are stunning!


Great tutorial! Unfortunately, your links no longer work. What is the name of the brown eyeshadow you used?

Irma Hankins

Love this! Even though I am makeup challenged, I immediately tried it! Easy to do and it works.


Why is it that the tips say the opposite of what the DO photo says?
I don’t see any liner on the top eyeline and I DO see liner on the bottom.


That should say ” the opposite of what the DO photo shows”


Thank you for the great tips! But I’d use grammar check when posting. Number 2 – you’re instead of your…….just saying. Good luck!!


Very clear and concise presentation.
Thank you


Thanks so much! The tips were wonderful. I have eyes that are somewhere between green and hazel. Would you use the same colors or would you modify them a little? Also, eyes are not small but are definitely not large. Thanks in advance.


Love the post on making larger look eyes.

Have always used the black eyeliner,
Thought my eyes looked larger, not?

Great easy to follow guide.
Really appreciate your tips and experience tutorial. Thank you ?
Kind regards,

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Can you tell me why not to use concealer under eyes?


Thank you for these lovely tips!!
I’d love to know the shade of lipstick in the middle pictures. Thank you! 🙂