35 BEST Podcast Topics For You

I feel like over the last two years podcasts have grown and there are now so many to choose from. Not only are there so many to pick from but there are so many places to listen to them for free. How nice?! So whether you want parenting advice, politics, crime and murder, or wellness tips there is a podcast for you. A few weeks ago I asked y’all what your favorite podcast was and y’all did not disappoint! THANK YOU! So I took the time to listen to them and pull together some of my favorites I know you will enjoy. Another great thing about these podcasts is that you can look through their episode titles to find a topic you might want to listen to. Scroll below through the 35 best podcast topics voted by YOU!

Take a break from whatever you are doing, grab your phone, go for a walk, or take a bath and try out a new podcast. If it interests you in the slightest bit I recommend you scroll to the very first podcast episode they have and listen to their introduction, and listen away! 

Wanting to start a new podcast but not sure where to start? Houston lifestyle blogger Elly Brown rounds up Best Podcast Topics for you that are free.


Crime Podcasts

Crime Junkies There are so many podcasts out there that have to do with murder and other crime but this is a favorite. These two girls dive deep into each episode bringing information and pictures to the surface that you might have never known about. They also have a website where you can follow along during the podcast with all the videos, pictures, and other evidence they talk about. 

Up and Vanished If you are into murder mystery I highly recommend this one. This guy decided to pick up a cold case and start a podcast to start piecing things together. As he is trying to solve the case, new information starts to come out. Really great to follow along with because you will feel like it’s real-time.

Dr. Death this podcast is INSANE and seriously blows my mind how he got away with it for so long. This podcast follows the life of “Dr. Death” and all the horrible things he did while he was a “doctor”. The quotes are definitely needed there and you will understand why once you start listening. He lied his way through so much and harmed/ killed so many people because of it. Even crazier that this is based on a true story.

The First Degree These true crime stories are released every Wednesday and cover such a variety of crimes. These ladies also have multiple other shows that you might be a fan of. Along with these ladies, there is a guy named Billy who is a journalist. Between these three they break down the crime and see where the person went wrong. They talk about cases that people say “oh I never thought they could do something like that. They were so nice!” I highly recommend starting from the beginning so you can get to know them and follow along.

Wine and Crime Just what the title sounds like. These women go through the episode drinking wine and talking about crime. It’s like sitting in on a girl’s night which made it fun to follow along. At the beginning of the episode, they tell you the wine they are drinking during the show. 

American Scandal I found this podcast pretty interesting. They dive into the “dark side” of America. Bringing to light people breaking the rules to achieve greatness. Companies and brands such as Volkswagen and Exxon and also what happened in Waco. 

Entertainment Podcasts

Imagined Life I found this podcast to be so interesting. One of the two hosts walks you through someone’s life without telling you who it is. It might be someone you like or don’t. They give clues along the way so it’s fun to try and guess throughout the episode. It is not until the end when you find out who it was.

Office Ladies Are you an office fan? This comes off of the show The Office. I hardly ever run into someone who doesn’t enjoy the show. So two of the ladies, Angela and Pam from the show host a podcast that you can listen to as you watch the show for the first time or rewatch it. They give you a rundown on the show and some fun behind the scene moments you may have never known about.

Conan Needs Friends If you love Conan O’Brien then this one is definitely for you. He invites a number of celebrities on the episodes just to have conversations with them. They seriously talk about everything under the sun. So scroll through his episode and find someone you like following to maybe learn something new about them.

Fake Doctors Real Friends If you have been wanting to watch Scrubs the tv show this is the podcast for you. The guys from the show walk you through each episode and their thoughts.

Armchair Expert Dax Shepard invites different people onto his podcast that is usually famous and well known. He dives deep into who they are and how they got there. Not necessarily the easy way but the hard things they had to do to get where they are. Some of the episodes I listened to had his wife, Kristen Bell, Alicia Keys, Emilia Clark, Steve Madden, and so many more.  

The Morning Toast If you have a long drive to work each day this is probably the podcast for you. They release a podcast each day during the week and go for about an hour each episode. If you are a fan and follower of celebrities and watch a lot of reality TV then that is another great reason to listen to these girls. They love to recap Vanderpump Rules or any of the Real Housewives.

99% Invisible Have you ever seen the show “How it’s made”? I feel like that’s the best way to describe this podcast. They talk about things you never really thought about like were a fortune cookie came from, cars, cell phones 

Let’s Not Meet I did not expect this when seeing one of your suggestions. Actually I’m not sure what I expected, just not this. LOL! This podcast is really an adult storytime. I am not sure if they are true stories or not but definitely interesting, to say the least. Every podcast episode is a different story that has creepy and scary endings. 

Skinny Confidential Looking for a podcast to listen to with your significant other? This is for you! How to start a blog, social media, online dating, bachelorette trips, and so many other great topics that you might be interested in if you liked those.

Encouraging Podcasts

She Reads Truth These Two ladies have one mission and that is “Women In The Word of God Every Day”. Are you stuck and not sure where to start in the Bible or how? These ladies do a great job explaining and applying what they know to help you.

My Girl Podcast I have too much to say about this podcast. It is seriously so fun to listen to Ruthie and Phina talk. I feel like I am there with them having girl time. Also if you aren’t already I suggest you follow them on Instagram. They are beautiful inside and out and that really shines through on the podcast. I feel like I could put this in several different categories but I think encouraging fits it the most. Some of the topics they discuss are how you know if you have found the person for you, interracial relationships, insecurities, and so so much more!

I Weigh With Jameela Jamil How people worked through their past to get to where they are now. How to love yourself and how to grow. She reaches out to people who are interesting and asks them to weigh in with how they are getting through life. “Progress not perfection”!

Thrive Podcast Erica Gwynn is a mom, wife, author, and so much more. She has so many great podcast topics that I know you will enjoy. Topics such as “What To Do When Your Career Doesn’t Go As Planned”, “How and Where to Make Friends As an Adult”, “How to become your better self”, and “How to THRIVE”!!

Courageous Parenting Such an awesome podcast about a couple who are parents to eight kids. You heard me right… EIGHT! They go over so many things and you are able to scroll through and pick a topic that maybe you are struggling with right now as a parent. They talk about their struggles that they have gone through either together or separately.

Affirm A podcast hosted by Davia Roberts where she talks about mental health with women of color. She walks you through her experience and what has helped her to get her where she is now.

Unlocking Us If you are struggling with getting motivation then this is definitely a podcast I recommend. She is awesome at walking you through this time in your life whether it is being a parent for the first time or starting your own podcast. Her strategy is awesome and applies to almost everything you might be going through. Follow along with her podcast episodes as you “unlock” yourself.

The Embolden Podcast Another great podcast to listen to if you are needing some advice on life. The host is Anthony Bolden so this podcast would be great for guys. With each episode, he talks about how to make a bold move and the journey of life.

The Clever Girls Know Such an awesome podcast that I am definitely going to continue to listen to. It is hosted by Bola Sokunbi and there are 150 episodes to dive into. She talks about all things financial. I feel like we all could benefit from this and I am so glad I found this podcast. 

The Porch I found this podcast to have really deep conversations. Some of the topics include being single and not wanting to mingle, science and religion, “What Do You Do When You Fail”, and so much more. They dive into scripture and help you apply it to day to day life. I also recommend checking out the website if you’re interested in this one because you can watch live what they record for the podcast.

Nothing is Wasted He wants to teach you how to “live, learn, and lead through your pain” in your life. Everyone is always going through something or about to. Job loss, divorce, or losing someone in your life are just a few of the topics he discusses and how to see the light at the end of the tunnel you are going through. 

Behind the Scenes Wow is all I can say. I really enjoyed this podcast and the episode I ended listening to. “How to Stop the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts”. I needed this especially right now with COVID and lockdown. It is so easy to lose yourself during all this and be in fear. Their analogies in this episode are spot on and related it all back to scripture, which I love.

Living Fully With Mallory Ervin The episode I first listened to was “Finding Time For Self-Care”. This is something I have harped on a lot lately and finding your purpose. You need to take time for yourself. This is a great podcast to give you a push as a woman and the encouragement you might need at this time in your life.

Medicine and History Podcasts

Revisionist History Malcolm Gladwell discusses things from our past that you might not remember or might have not understood completely. Curious about what happened when Toyota had to recall over 10 million of their vehicles, people fleeing from Cuba, or viruses? This one’s for you.

This Podcast Will Kill You Grad students that cover diseases in each episode that you might have heard about and wanted to know more about. Should you be scared? What is the science and history behind this? These are questions that will be answered in each episode.

Dollop two guys run the podcast where they find American History stories and read them. One of the guys reads the story out loud and the other hears it for the first time just like you are. Super interesting and funny to hear what they think.

Marriage and Parenting Podcats

Parenting Great Kids This super helpful podcast is run by Dr. Meg Meeker. If you’re struggling with a specific topic with your kids scroll through her wide range of topics on her podcast. She brings guests onto the show to talk about their struggles, how they handled and worked through it. Some of the topics she has are “Coronavirus- What To Do As A Parent”, “Helping Fathers Find Their Balance”, and “Anxiety and Depression in Kids”. 

Wellness Mama With over 300 topics to choose from, this is another great podcast to start listening to if you’re a parent. One of the episodes I listened to was the one where she talked about clean eating and how to know what is good and bad while shopping at the grocery store. 

Marriage After God Struggling to see the calling in your marriage? Not sure what a calling is? Be sure to listen to this one with your spouse to have a better understanding with that and so many other great topics like “Honest Fears Of A Growing Family”, “How To Communicate Better in Marriage”, and “How a Wife Can Encourage Her Husband”. So many more to pick from as well.

Rhythms of LifeRest, restore, connect, and create” are the 4 rhythms of life and they discuss how to apply those to your life and how to regroup. Another great podcast to listen to if you are a couple or not. They help you connect with your partner and how to have healthy habits.


I really hope you enjoyed these best podcast topics for you as much as I did. I really can’t thank you enough for all your recommendations. Don’t see a podcast on here you love? Be sure to let me know below!






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Okay, I need to start listening to some of these! Thanks for the comprehensive list! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Haywood Hunt

These all look great. Always looking for new podcasts. Thanks for the comprehensive list! There’s nothing better than a true crime podcast!