9 to 12 Month Old Baby Routine

I know I’ve never really shared Audrey’s schedule or sleep routine, and to be honest, it is the same as the boys and Liam’s (you can go back to see the Liams sleep routine and a printout I made). But today I am sharing Audrey’s routine and a few things we have loved recently to keep her in the 9 to 12 Month Old Baby Routine.

Your baby is on the move! Read more on how to keep him or her on a 9 to 12 Month Old Baby Routine to keep you both happy!

Audrey is on the move, a busy little bee, exploring the world, and chasing after her brothers. The single most challenging thing for being a mom is learning each child’s personality and then remembering that what worked for one does not work for the other. Each child is SO different that I swear sometimes, I feel like I am a new mom all over again!


I have been able to stay consistent and reap the rewards of being consistent because I have four amazing sleepers. Sure, we had our bumps in the road and sleep regressions here and there. But every single one of them has slept through the night early on, can fall asleep on their own, and don’t wake up five times a night (unless they were newborns of course).

The two biggest takeaways and what has helped me is, being consistent, and establishing healthy eaters. You must also remember kids and babies are human too, and things will happen, not every day will be perfect. So then what does Audrey’s routine look like …

9 to 12 Month Old Baby Routine

Wake up 7:30- 8:00 AM
Breakfast time, which includes; formula, cut up fruit, and baby cereal.
Morning Nap 10 AM- 12 PM
Lunchtime; Serenity food pouch with a bottle (She LOVES the butternut squash & Spinach for lunch)!
Afternoon Nap 2 PM – 4 PM
Afternoon Snack; more fruit and crackers
**Sometimes, she will take a small power nap, depending if her earlier naps were shorter. Sometimes she will make it to bedtime without a power nap.
Dinner time; Serenity pouch (I try to give her meats for dinner, her two favorites are chicken and uncured bacon), and then she will get her bottle as we read to her put her down.
Bedtime 7 PM.

I have always said this (and remember I’m not a doctor or a health expert, just a mom sharing what has worked for her). If you are establishing a healthy eating routine, and if the baby is getting what they need during the day, there is no need to eat at night. Now, of course, this is not speaking to the newborn stage. Think about it, we as adults don’t wake up hungry in the middle of the night.

I recently bought Audrey her new high chair, and she loves eating food there with her brothers! P.S. If you want to go back to see more eating favorites, head to this blog post. But we also have recently switched baby foods to Texas-based and parent created brand, Serenity Kids, and Audrey loves it! They have a great selection; it’s organic, non-GMO, made from pasture-raised meat from small American regenerative family farms and organic vegetables, and no added sugar or sugary fruits! All five simple ingredients in each pouch, nothing more, nothing less. Check the store locator to see where you can find them!


I would love to hear from you! What does your little ones’ routine look like? Do you have babies who sleep well, or not?!


Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!


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Such cute photos! Thanks for sharing! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


Very cute pics 🙂 I think we might give this routine a try!


Four amazing sleepers?! Wow you’re so lucky! My firstborn was a great sleeper but now I’m struggling. I’m following HWL method from parental-love.com and it seems like going great (no, seriously, it’s easy and working) but I still remember not-needing any training with Joe!

Wendy @ 9monthsandstuff

My baby is 3 months old now, thanks for sharing , it’s a good heads up for what to expect 6 months down the road. By the way, Audrey is a natural with the camera ! She’s sooo cutteee!


We’ve been following the 4-6months EASY routine with our little one and it seems to be working well.
What did your routine look like between 6-9 months? Just unsure how it all fits in when we start weaning!