All White





DSC_0101Joes Stay Spotless Denim Jeans/ Piperlime Biker Jacket (no longer available) similar one here and loving this one/ Zara No One is Perfect Tee/ Kendra Scott Naomi Double Ring/ Ray Ban Original Aviator SunglassesRebecca Minkoff Mini Quilted Affair Crossbody/ H&M Triple Strand Necklace (old) similar one here/ Brazil Necklace (old) similar one here/ Schutz Flat Sandals (sold out) similar one here

It’s Friday, and the weather is going to be amazing this weekend. I am so excited to finally have a weekend with no rain! You will definitely catch me in this outfit this weekend. I love the all white look for spring, it’s fresh and crisp. Do not be afraid to go for an all white look, you can incorporate your style with the accessories like I did here.

If you’re wondering why I have a Brazil necklace it’s because I am Brazilian. Duh. My sister gave me this necklace years ago, and to this day I love wearing it! I haven’t been to Brazil since 2009, the first time Jordan met my extended family. But I really want to bring the boys to Brazil once they get a little older and show them what a real beach looks like.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday! Stay tuned for one more look with these Stay Spotless Jeans.

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