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Oh, Amazon or AKA the black hole as Jordan calls it. He HATES going through Amazon purchases and figuring out what is what when it comes to budgeting #sorryhoney. But, I mean really, Amazon Prime, and just Amazon, in general, has changed so much how we shop. 99% of the time if I find something I like, I look on Amazon first because I want the two-day shipping. To feed our love for Amazon, I wanted to share my recent Amazon finds with you, and all under $50!


Back and Neck Massager // This massager is a life saver. The best part is I can carry it up and down or anywhere in the house with me. It also has a heat option which is AMAZING. I carry all my stress in my upper back, and this is great to help work out all the kinks.

iRoller // I recently stumbled upon another local Houston blogger, and some of these are actual buys from her recommendation, this iRoller is one of them, and this sticky roller is MAGIC on cleaning your devices. *insert mind blown emoji here*. P.S. Follow her here (you’ll be glad you did)!

Bath Overflow Drain Cover // I love my bubble baths but hate how I can never fill the tub all the way up, and this allows me to do just that. Now my shoulders are finally covered and warm too!

Ice Roller // I actually have two sets of ice rollers, and prefer this one! This one is much easier to hold and roll. Ice rollers are GREAT for depuffing and waking up the skin!

Plyo Platform Boxes // This was our new addition this month to our gym, and I am SO happy I got these. FYI- you can do more than box jumps with Plyo boxes! Check out my IG video here for other workouts.

Stasher Silicone Bag // These stasher bags can be a bit pricey, so I am slowly ordering them one at a time. I love that you can reuse them, and they are perfect for on the go too!

Self Tanning Mitt // I HATE the tanning mitts you get when you order a tanning solution. They are flimsy and don’t last at all. This one the quality is amazing, and the inside is lined, so the palm of your hands don’t get stained.

Silicone Straws // The kids love these straws, and best of all everyone has their color, and there is no arguing over whose straw belongs to who. And if you have more than one child, you know exactly how that goes.

Farmhouse Blanket Ladder // I’ve always wanted a blanket ladder and finally got this one for our living room. The quality is excellent, and there are different finishes to choose from!

Charging Stand // I originally bought this black stand for JB, and we both loved it so much that I got myself a pink one. We have everything apple in our home, so this little dock is perfect for the watch and headphones!


Have you bought any of these items, if so comment below? Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!





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