At home Date Night Ideas

I know, technically Valentine’s Day is over, but I promise these at home date night ideas will come in handy year round. Especially with us being in the middle of a pandemic and with so much unknown. 


Who would have thought that a year ago we would still be here in this new “normal”? I have to be honest the last year has been tough for everyone but one thing I have learned I need to use my time more wisely. I have learned that taking a step back isn’t always a bad thing! I’ve been able to spend so much more time with my family, which I LOVE! I adore my kids, but nothing will ever beat getting a babysitter and heading out for a date night. But since we can’t do that like we would normally, at home date nights will and can still be perfect! 

Elly Brown shares 10 perfect at home date night ideas with her Husband Jordan

If you’re not sure what to do for date night, don’t worry girl (or guy) I got you! Below you will find over 10 at home date night ideas you will BOTH love. From Netflix and chill to letting things get steamy; you’ll love each one!

Elly Brown shares date night ideas you'll even forget that you're at home!

Make a bucket list- I have always loved this idea but now it’s more exciting. It gives us something to look forward to when things get back to “normal”! Not only can you use this time to make a bucket list, but to also set some goals for the future. Where do y’all want to be in the next five or ten years?

Game night– One of my favorite things to do with the kids is a game night so why not play with just you and your significant other? Make a Target run and you each pick out a game you think will be fun! JB and I love playing a game of pool and darts but I am thinking we need to add some board games into the mix.

Candlelight dinner– Turn all the lights low and light every candle you have. You know I already have you covered if you don’t have candles! I personally think tealight candles and unscented candlesticks work best. Order some takeout or have a fun night cooking together in the candle-lit space you created.

Spa night– Okay now this I could do every week if time allowed us. Grab some face masks and one of those foot spas to set up a fun date night.

Themed date night– Are you missing traveling? Then this idea is for you! Pick a place and go by that theme the rest of the night. Make the dinner and outfits centered around that theme. It would even be fun to add in a virtual tour to this date night from wherever y’all decide to “go”.

Elly Brown shares date night ideas you'll even forget that you're at home!

Recreate your first date- Take it back to where it all started! A sweet idea that they wont be expecting. Order take out from the same restaurant it took place at, watch the same movie, or whatever it was y’all did recreate that first date at home and remember all of those great times!

Plan Your Next Trip- Take some time to plan a fun trip to look forward to. Agree on a destination and then start researching restaurants, hotels, and activities to do in that area!

Unplugged Evening- Love this idea so much and think we all need to do it more often! Turn the phones and other devices off for the night. Pick one of the other date night ideas to pair this idea with to have a great night connecting with your partner without distractions! 

Elly Brown shares date night ideas you'll even forget that you're at home!

Cook-off– A little competition never hurt anyone! Battle it out with appetizers and the entree to see who the better cook is. Another fun option is to find a new cookbook to try out and cook a meal together.

Wine tasting– This will be one of the date night ideas we will definitely be trying out! Head to the store and grab three new bottles of wine you both have not tried before! 

Movie marathon– A movie marathon is always good for the soul! One of the perks of everything going on right now is that we have every movie new or old at the tips of our fingers ready to watch. This idea and the one below make a great pair!

Camp out in the living room– Yes! You read that right… camp out in the living room like we use to do when we were kids. Gather all the blankets and pillows in your home and create a fort. Set it up near a TV to sit back and enjoy a movie and your drink of choice!

Guest room staycation– Change it up a bit and move to the guest room or as I said above the living room! This will make you feel like you are somewhere else like a hotel stay. Add some new things to the room to make it feel new to you and maybe even some little chocolates on the bed as they do for you when you check into a hotel. Either way, this is a fun idea to change things up a bit for a date night idea staying at home.

How have you been doing date nights recently? Let me know down below! 

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you have a great day!





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Misty Blue

These are all great ideas, and I looooove these photos. Probably my favourites!!


These photos are so cute, you ladies look beautiful!


Such a fun post! You girls look so great!