At home teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant

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Smile Briliant at home whitening kit

Lets talk teeth whitening! I have tried all of them, and I mean all. of. them. None of them seem to work the way I want them too. They either slide off my teeth while I’m waiting for them to get the job done, or I have to wear this HUGE plastic mouth piece  … that I kid you not is the size of the tray impression below. It’s so annoying!

Then came along Smile Brilliant. Smile Brilliant is one of a kind because you make your own impressions at home (yay for not having to go to the dentist!) Then they send you back your custom fitted tray and all you do is fill the tray with the whitening gel along with the desensitizing gel (if you need it) and pop the trays in and wait.

Isn’t that cool?!  I have had Invisalign and I am very familiar with the plastic trays and kinda know what to expect. BUT, let me make it clear that Smile brilliant is not like Invisalign. They are not tight on the teeth, nor do they straighten your teeth. They are just trays that you wear during the day to whiten your teeth. Which is why I REALLY love the concept. Unlike any other whitening kit you don’t have to worry about this sliding off or getting the chemical getting into your gums. Also, you won’t look like a fool with the trays on! You can go on about your day as normal.

So, how do you create your own trays? It’s super simple! Smile Brilliant sends you this kit (pictured below) with everything you need. Here are the steps:

1. Make sure you teeth are squeaky clean.
2. Mix the Catalyst and the Base Paste together and place the mixed putty in the tray. You’re going to do this for your upper impression followed by your lower impression … DO NOT do them at the same time!!!
3. Wait two minutes for each impression to harden, then tada! 30 minutes after the tray is dry rinse with cool water and wait for it to air dry.
4. Send both impressions in the returned envelope (that’s included inside) along with the return card filled out.
5. Wait for your trays to come in. 

Smile Briliant at home whitening kit Smile Briliant at home whitening kit Smile Briliant at home whitening kit Smile Briliant at home whitening kit Smile Briliant at home whitening kit Smile Briliant at home whitening kit Smile Briliant at home whitening kit Smile Briliant at home whitening kit DSC_0199

I am excited to get my trays in so I can share the results and the teeth whitening process with you guys! Stay tuned for future posts that I will be sharing along with before and after pictures! If you simply can’t wait until then and your sold on getting yourself a kit today … well Lucky you! You can get 5% off by just simply entering code uptownwithellybrown at checkout.

Hope your having a great weekend! Stay safe!


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