Believer, Lover, Mother-Gingham look

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Gingham skirt outfit Gingham skirt outfit Gingham skirt outfit Gingham skirt outfit Gingham skirt outfit Gingham skirt outfit Gingham skirt outfit Gingham skirt outfit

Ruthie Grace Believer Lover Mother tee ℅ / Gingham skirt (old) similar one here / ‘Stecy’ sandal / Rebecca Minkoff Quilted bag / Lisi Lerch Ava Earrings

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! This weekend I really wanted to relax with family and just enjoy each other. We took the boys swimming, and we all had a blast … and as a result the boys took a looong nap, which of course resulted in Jordan and I being able to get a nap! Weekend naps are amazing aren’t they?

Today I want to talk about something that is close to my heart and something I aim to live my life by.

Isn’t it amazing how one tee can say so much? I feel like this tee says it all, and it’s why I love it even more! Now let me start off by saying I am not perfect. Every day I fall short, but by the grace of God! I got married at a young age, and if you ask family or friends they will all tell you that I was made to be a wife and mother – that is my passion. Although I love fashion and looking chic, the hubby and kids are my priority.

It’s very easy to get things out of order. In the day-to-day life there are times when I don’t get my quiet time in. It’s also extremely easy to forget about my marriage and place all my kids needs before my husbands. Because let’s be honest, my husband is a grown man and can do things himself. So really a lot of the times my order looks a little something like this: Mother, Lover, Believer. What a mess! The days when my order is like this I am stressed, frustrated, and nothing goes right.

Not only does this tee look adorable, but it kinda keeps me accountable (who knew a shirt can do so much huh?!). Here’s why … because if I am going to claim that I live in this order, I better make an effort! I have been trying to apply a few rules (if thats what you want to call it) to make sure I do my best to live in this order. Here are a few rules I have applied to myself …

Waking up before the kids get up to have my quiet time. I have noticed when I don’t place Jesus above all else, I am one. hot. mess. Placing Jordan’s needs above the boys needs. That can look like many things but, here are few of them:
Greeting him at the door before the kids do
Having some alone time
Serving his needs before the kids
Making sure the kids know dadda comes before.

I would love to hear from you, what are some rules you apply to your home to make sure this is the order? What has worked and not worked? Is there something maybe that needs to be reevaluated in your home? If so, I want to encourage you to hit the pause button and start fresh, it’s never too late!

Have a great Monday, and make it a great week! Also, today is the LAST day to enter the Lululemon giveaway!


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Logan Can

I can definitely tell a difference in the days I have my quiet time and the days I don’t. It makes a huge difference. You look great! I love your skirt!


Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Love the skirt!


That skirt is AMAZING! Love the whole outfit!

Miranda @ Miranda Writes Blog

This is such a fun, classic outfit! I love the gingham!


Love the outfit and love your priorities!!


Absolutely love the meaning behind this Elly!!!


Love that skirt!! I love taking naps! They are the best, especialy on the weekends, if you have nothing going on.


love the gingham<3


This look is so pretty! I love the cute tee and that skirt is so fun!

Martha Kate

LOVE this shirt so so much!!


What a wonderful outfit! I love the way it looks, specially the contrast between the skirt and the t-shirt.



Love this skirt! such a good post <3


Hi Elly and thank you very much for your friendship on IFB. I’m very happy!!! I like very much this outfit and your skirt is really amazing!!! Have a nice day, kisses,

Eniwhere Fashion
Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

Hi Tea Style

Such a cute outfit! Love that skirt!

Natalie King

Elly, I love this look! So chic and effortless! I adored that skirt the first time I met you, and I love to see how you pair with different tops! You look gorg!

Alberto Kalmanani