Belt Bags for Women

I have said it once and I will say it again… anything that frees up my hands with having four kids is a friend of mine. Do not get me wrong I still love a purse more than anything! But Some times I need all hands on deck when chasing kids around. Lucky for me and all other moms’ belt bags for women are a big trend right now to wear with any and all outfits!

I am all about things that make life easier. And on the top of that list is belt bags. With 4 kids, I need free hands, and even though I love my purses very much, if I’m with all four kids, having to constantly think about where my purse and everything it holds or adjusting it on my shoulder is not something I like dealing with.

Belt bags or AKA bum bags, are just easy in my book! They are practical for on the go and for hands-free. Over the last couple of years, belt bags have only gotten more popular, and now you can find pretty much any style of belt bag.

Elly Brown a fashion blogger in Houston, Texas talks about belt bags for women for every occasion and price point!

From high-end luxury belt bags, to even mini belt bags, there is a style for everyone! Today we are rounding up some of our favorites here at Uptown, all at different price ranges, and with different styles. I’m also sharing some old outfit ideas and inspo and how I’ve worn my belt bags over the years!


Whether you are headed out to your kid’s baseball game, going on a walk, or the gym, take just your essentials with you in these athletic styled belt bags for women! I would only wear these with sports clothes and not a dress, or denim. Unless you are wearing sneakers and a graphic tee. These are not ones you want to dress up because of the kind of material and fabric.



For everyday belt bags, these are perfect below! These you can dress up or down because they tend to have a bit more of a structure, and the material tends to be leather (most of the time).



Yes, we even found vacation belt bags! ? Some for all my Disney lovers or travel junkies! Belt bags are great for traveling, especially with kids; it’s so nice to be hands-free and not to have something you’re holding over your shoulder and having to adjust.



And for my material girls… luxury and designer belt bags! Whether you are looking to treat yourself, add to your wishlist for your birthday/ anniversary, this list is for you! I really love this Dior one. Just can’t seem to justify paying that price for a belt bag.

Will you be adding a belt bag to your belt bag? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know below! Thanks so much for stopping by!





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