Best Bras for Women (Post Baby)

Once you have a baby, your body, especially boobs… well, they take a downward trend, haha (just keeping it real here)?. Anyone who has had a baby can testify that the girls change, and they are not what they once used to be. Finding a bra becomes more work than anything.

Find more the best bras for women (post baby) as Houston fashion blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her tried and true favorites.

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That’s why I am here today, I have been meaning to share some of the best bras with you guys (all but one has been tested and approved. I am still waiting on my order and will report back)! Also, these bras are not JUST for the women who have had babies, but great for any woman!

I avoid any padding in my bra, I stick to bras that are not lined but have underwires or are bralettes. I’ve had three kids, and pre-baby bras DO NOT work like they used to… and FYI- it’s okay!

For the everyday bra, I stick to my bralettes, and the best ones are from American Eagle. Some of the bralettes are the perfect substitution for the Free People bra everyone hates.

My grown-up #bosswoman bra are a bit fancier and have underwire in them. Nordstrom is your best bet for those. They are a bit more pricey, but trust me when I say it’s worth it!

Lastly, the best bras for the weird tops. These are the bras that need to be strapless, or barely there. I still have to put the plunge bra to the test (and I hope it doesn’t fail me). But I love the Wear Lively bandeau bra. I wear that one the most during the summer!

Do you have a favorite post-baby bra? Share it below!

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Dayvion Boutique

Love the styles! Keep it up!

Monica |BabyHappyHouse|

good choice it’s really convenient