The Best Texture Sprays

Texture, texture, texture! Every girl needs a good texture spray to give your hair that extra grit! Take a look at the best texture sprays I’ve found!

The best texture spray for your hair | Texture Sprays | Texture Spray for your hair | Uptown with Elly Brown

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Happy Tuesday my friends!

I wanted to do a fun series called Tuesday Trends, where every Tuesday I will be talking about different trends. It may be beauty, fashion, mommy related. If it’s a trend we will talk about it! I’m really excited to start this new Tuesday Trends and would love to know if there are any trends you would like me to talk about!

So to kick off today’s trend, although it may not really be a trend per say… texture sprays are the next best thing to lipstick and mascara. I LOVE me some texture spray for two reasons: (1) My hair would always have the hardest time holding a curl, thanks to texture sprays I no longer have that problem. My curls can now last for days… #winning! (2) Besides texture sprays being great to use to curl your hair, it’s also the lazy girls BFF. I love using texture sprays on wet hair. I admit that I do sleep with my hair wet (#sorrynotsorry), and when I do sleep with wet hair I always use my texture spray. When I wake up in the morning I have got the perfect bedhead, beachy hair look. It’s easy, no fuss and looks great!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! Happy Texturizing, hehe!


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I love love love texture sprays so I gotta try these!! Thanks for sharing!


I’ve been loving the Not Your Mother’s Texture Spray! So great and so affordable!


It’s hard to find but a good drugstore texture spray is garnier texture spray. I only find it in Walgreens where I am but super cheap and I LOVE it!