Boyfriend Jeans: 3 reasons why you need them

Boyfriend Jeans outfit


I’m so excited for tomorrow! What’s going on tomorrow you ask? We fly up to CT to visit family for my nieces 1st birthday party! We are going to be up there for about a week and it’s always fun getting to see my sister and the family. I don’t have any girls (yet) so I get to live vicariously through my sister! She has 3 girls (a set of twins) and I have two boys. The week should be interesting because my parents are there, so that will be a total count of 11 bodies which includes 5 kids under 4 and under one roof! Haha, wish us luck! I’m also super excited for the Fall weather because, let’s face it… we don’t have that here in Houston.

Boyfriend jeans. Love them, and I hope they never go away. I hope most of you have at least one pair in your closet, and if not then you need to go find one, and here is why…

  1. They’re like sweats, but disguised in denim. I mean it just doesn’t get any better than that, it’s the perfect combo.
  2. They can be dressed up, or down. Wear them with heels for a chic look, or pair them with flats for a laid back look. Boyfriend jeans can be worn just like any pair of denim. My all time favorite way to wear boyfriend jeans is with a blazer! (see here)
  3. It looks great on every body type. No matter what shape or size, boyfriend jeans will look good on you. I have yet to see it not look flattering on someone.

Come follow me along on Pinterest (@uptownwithellyb) where I will be pinning all day different looks and my favorite ways to style boyfriend jeans!

Boyfriend Jeans outfit Boyfriend Jeans outfit Boyfriend Jeans outfit Boyfriend Jeans outfit Boyfriend Jeans outfitAffiliate links: jeans (similar) / shirt / vest ℅ / shoes / bag / sunglasses (same style, different color and under $100!)

Photography the beautiful and sweet Courtney Leigh

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