Bump Update X Slip Dress

Sweater Dress | Lace Slip Dress | Uptown with Elly Brown

Happy Monday!

Just like that, our weekend is gone. Yesterday was the perfect lazy Sunday; we did nothing! The boys and I just lounged around, took a nap and watched football. It was perfect!

I recently have had a thing for slip dresses, love the simplicity of a slip dress and how easy it is to style. I love all the comfy trends and looks like the jogger pants (really want these), and pajama wear. These styles are easy, and not a lot of fuss. You can throw them on and go, while still looking chic.

You’ll see me wearing lots of these comfy looks as I get bigger with this bump. Don’t worry I not losing my heels, though!

Sweater Dress | Lace Slip Dress | Uptown with Elly Brown
Sweater Dress | Lace Slip Dress | Uptown with Elly Brown
Sweater Dress | Lace Slip Dress | Uptown with Elly Brown

Speaking of bump lets do a quick update on things. I’ve been very open with our miscarriage story earlier this year, and when we found out I was pregnant again, I questioned should I announce it so early, the what if’s of life got the best of me. It was almost as if I really couldn’t enjoy knowing that I was pregnant.

Jordan and I have always shared very early with both boys that we were expecting. We never waited to share, after all, this is an exciting time in our lives, and we wanted to share that with our friends and family. Many women wait to share because it’s “safe” after 12 weeks, and that’s okay (to each their own). But after having a miscarriage myself, before 12 weeks, the thought of doing that alone, or behind closed doors is not something I would want to do. It was YOUR prayers, YOUR support and the countless emails, comments, messages that got me through that difficult time.

This time around when we found out we were pregnant I knew I had to share early on. I also didn’t want to live in fear, or in the what if’s. I am celebrating this pregnancy every day, not matter what happens. To see that you’ll are just as excited as we just make me so happy. I wish I could give you guys a hug!

I also want to shatter the idea that you have to wait to share; that’s BS. Many women go through miscarriages alone because they never shared they were pregnant, to begin with. THAT is not okay, who says we have to wait? I feel like most women that wait after 12 weeks to share, wait because they don’t want to announce the loss of a baby. I get that; it wasn’t easy having to announce that I lost a baby. But you can’t say we need to bring awareness on miscarriages and only share what you feel like sharing. You want change, BE the change.

Sweater Dress | Lace Slip Dress | Uptown with Elly Brown
Sweater Dress | Lace Slip Dress | Uptown with Elly Brown
Sweater Dress | Lace Slip Dress | Uptown with Elly Brown

Okay, I’m done being chatty Kathy, on the to updates:

How far along am I?
Almost 7 weeks! Y’all, the fact that I have this bloat/belly at 7 weeks worries me. I’m pretty sure I have gained like 5 pounds! We go to the doctors this Wednesday, so all the prayers, please! I’m getting a little anxious.

How are you feeling?
Tired. Oh so tired. I do not remember being this tired with the boys. I could take a 4-hour nap every day. Nothing worse than being tired and not being able to drink all the coffee I want.

Any nausea?
It comes and goes. It’s more like I get really hungry, so I eat whatever sounds good at the time, and then as soon as I am done, it’s like it didn’t sit well, AT ALL.

Any cravings?
Yes! Meat, my mama’s Brazilian cooking, and cold milk.

Any aversions?
Gosh, nothing in specific, it’s in the moment. Yesterday I could not handle the smell of pizza. Makes me sick just thinking of it.

Any other updates?
Not that I can think of, I still fit in my jeans; they are snug, but they fit!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

Sweater Dress | Lace Slip Dress | Uptown with Elly Brown

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Photos by Ailee Petrovic

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I love this and TOTALLY agree with all of it! DON’T WAIT TO SHARE THE AMAZING NEWS AND DON’T LIVE IN FEAR!! Love you!

Sarah K

Exactly! Than you for saying it 🙂 We don’t have to be ashamed or live in fear. We are able to talk about it openly without living in a closet for 12 weeks. I recently blogged about our miscarriage.. and for the very same reason. We need to be each other’s safety pin to love and support one another so that we are all strong enough to try again without mounds of fear!


Looks like we’re both expecting around the same time! Sounds like I’m one week ahead of you. Enjoy this pregnancy. You’re definitely in my prayers. I had a MC before too so I’m one of the ones living in fear but totally agree with you that I need to break those chains and trust Him in everything.


Super adorable!!! I’m loving your style and your smile is precious!


Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine

I’m so excited for you and so happy you are bringing us all along on your journey! This is going to be one lucky baby 🙂


I LOVE THIS! So right on! After three miscarriages in a row and six IVFs we waited until I was almost 12 weeks to share the news! For my all natural pregnancy we decided to announce a lot sooner around 8 weeks because I was so sick! I understand the need to want to wait just in case something goes wrong, but honestly something can still go wrong in the second trimester and third! Nothing is ever a sure thing and we need to celebrate these miracles as often as we can! Congratulations to you and your family!

Anna C. Peterson

You are so cute in wearing this X Slip Dress. So simple yet beautiful one. It could be worn also with the black lace cardigan during the night activities. Thanks for sharing this lovely dress.


Alison Sheath

A beautiful post – i totally agree MC is something that is almost taboo. Women don’t talk about but we should, sharing the experience helps. I had an early MC last year and had only told a handful of people but felt so much better having a support network around me, If we had kept quiet till 12 weeks i think i would have felt very alone after loosing the baby. Happy to say though i too am pregnant again (currently 16 weeks) and all is going well but the nerves about telling people really left me in two minds especially after last time, and on top of that first time mum nerves, but very glad i shared. Congrats to you both xx