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Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

I don’t know what the weather has been like where you live, but here recently in Texas, it has rained non-stop the last two weeks. I mean, I am not complaining, we desperately need all the rain, after all, it has not rained all summer. Like at ALL. So since it’s been raining non-stop, I thought, hey, let’s do a post with rainy day outfit ideas!

So today, we will go over a few do’s and don’ts and how to look chic, casual, and comfy in your rain gear. Note, also you’ll find both summer/spring and fall/winter outfits below. Each look with rain boots, some looks with a hat (gotta protect the hair) and a trenchcoat! If you don’t want to wear a coat, you can easily opt-out. Don’t like rain boots? You can also opt for dark boots or shoes. Just remember- no open-toe shoes/sandals, or anything too fancy. You need durability in the rain! Also, let’s not ruin a good pair of shoes, or worse… break an ankle.

Overall, just pay attention to the fabric- you don’t want anything to get ruined or wet that shouldn’t get wet. I would recommend a parka/trench coat that is durable and water-resistant. You don’t need 5 different ones; just evaluate your closet and find one that would give you the best cost per wear with what you already have! Let’s dive into the Rainy Day Outfit Ideas.


Outfit details: Dress // Boots // Necklace
About this look: Keep it casual with a chambray dress and rain boots! It’s light and easy! For this outfit, I also added a bodysuit underneath the dress for an elevated look.

Outfit details: Dress (same brand, similar dresses here!) // Boots // bandana (Similar)
About this look: I LOVE this dress, I found it earlier this year for rodeo, and I love how it looks with these rain boots. The length is perfect too with these boots

TIP #1
 wear light-colored clothes, like white pants or white sneakers.
You don’t want mud and debris on your shoes or pants!
Do: wear dark-colored clothes and water-resistant rain boots!

Outfit details: Jacket // Top // Shorts // Boots // Necklace
About this look: This is something I would wear if I have all the kids with me. I can toss on this thin jacket if I need to cover myself from the rain or take it off if it gets too hot.

Outfit details: Top // Pants // Boots // Necklace
About this look: Just a simple graphic tee, and skinny jeans! I would only recommend skinny jeans or cropped jeans. I mistakenly wore my flared denim just last week and got caught in the rain, and it was a MESS. My 90’s came rushing back with soaked jeans. IYKKYK.

Outfit details: Dress // Boots // Hat // Necklace
About this look: Another dress, only because it’s possibly the easiest to wear in the rain, and in the summer.

TIP #2
 wear wide-leg trousers.
Do: opt for skinny or cropped pants where they retain the shape,
and you don’t have to be sorry about the hem of your jeans getting wet. 

Outfit details: Top // Skirt // Belt // Boots
About this look: If you don’t want to do a dress or jeans, try a slip skirt instead. Paired it with a graphic tee, and a belt to elevate the look, but again these Chelsea boots are great to have for the winter snow or summer rain!


Outfit details: top / jacket / jeans / boots
About this look: This is a classic look in my book. You can easily swap out a top like this for a graphic tee, or a button-up, and it’s still chic and a great go-to look when raining. You can also swap out the boots for whichever one you like too! P.S. I love the green, black and white color combo ?!


Outfit details: top / jacket / shorts / stockings / boots
About this look: I ADORE this look. Same principle here, if you don’t like stockings, you can also wear shorts with a top and your rain boots. I love stockings during the fall/winter for an extra layer to keep warm! They also add such an exciting element to the outfit!


Outfit details: dress (similar) / jacket / boots / stockings / hat
About this look: I also love this look. I love mixing florals and edgy pieces! This outfit with the stockings is another favorite! What do you think of this rainy day outfit? Don’t forget your accessories- a felt hat is a good way to keep hair and make intact ?

TIP #3
 wear fabrics like silk (hello water stains).
Do: wear simple fabrics.


Outfit details: sweater / jacket / pants / boots
About this look: A simple and chic look, leather is a huge trend in 21/22, and this is a fun way to incorporate that even into a rainy day outfit! To keep the outfit simple, I added an oversized sweater!

Outfit details: top / jacket / pants / boots
About this look: Casual and comfy! Sweat sets are still a hit, and I don’t blame the craze. Just add a trench coat or parka and your rain boots!

Outfit details: top / denim / boots / jacket
About this look: A basic bodysuit and denim, but make it rain-ready chic. You can swap out the boots if you would like and or a jacket.

TIP #4
 forget your accessories
Do: wear a hat, or grab your umbrella to keep your hair and makeup intact! 


Outfit details: top / jacket / jeans / boots
About this look: This is just like the first look, but I wanted to share how the different jackets and boots would look visually! I’m a visual girl, so I figured all my visual girls would like to see too!

TIP #5
 forget your coat
Do: make sure it is indeed water repellent. 

Outfit details: top / jacket / skirt / boots
About this look: Similar to the first look, but with more of a feminine vibe thanks to the skirt. I would just pay attention to the length of your slip skirt, and the height of your boot shaft. You want to avoid the boots being too bulky or too high, and you want to prevent the length of your skirt from cutting off your legs and making you look shorter.


You’ll have to comment down below, what rainy day look is your favorite? I would love to hear from you!




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Great ideas to follow, will try each and everything in coats and jackets.


Looking stunning in this look. It’s simple yet stylish. Love your style and necklace. I want the same for me.

Grand Rugby

I am reading your post in 2023, you shared really amazing ideas, will try them in winters.