BYOW: What to Wear Bermuda Shorts With

The return of Bermuda shorts is here! Don’t you just love how fashion always makes a comeback? This brings me to my first point- wear what you love despite what is in, or not “in”. Fashion and style is unique to each, and that is the beauty of it. So, to bring you now the 3rd blog post in the BYOW series, today we will be sharing what to wear bermuda shorts with.

Elly Brown wears bermuda shorts with a stripped tee and brown YSL slides

top (similar) / shorts / sandals / bag (similar) / headband / earrings

Elly Brown wears bermuda shorts with a graphic tee and Steve Madden white slide sandals

top (similar) / shorts / shoes / bag / earrings

Call me crazy, but I think bermuda shorts can be a classic. So many shorts nowadays show way too much skin, and for someone who wants to wear shorts but wants to keep things modest, bermuda shorts are the perfect alternative. Bermuda shorts also in my book can we dressed up a bit more and easier than regular shorts. Because of the length also, you can get away with dressing them up where you probably couldn’t for regular denim shorts.

You have a few different styles and fabric types for bermuda shorts- denim, linen, and slacks. Dressier bermuda slacks are my personal favorite, I LOVE how when paired with a blazer, you get a chic menswear-inspired look.

Elly Brown wears black bermuda trousers with a black blazer and grey suede heels

blazer / top / shoes / shorts / bag (similar) / belt


Elly Brown wears black bermuda trousers with an off the shoulder top and Tamara Mellon sandals

top / shorts / belt / shoes / bag (similar)

A few things I would consider when buying or when figuring our what to wear bermuda shorts with:

  • Avoid folding your hems. This look is a bit outdated, and you have to be REALLY careful with the length. Also, if it’s cropped in the middle part of your thighs, it can make your legs appear shorter.
  • Avoid a pair that is too distressed. Something a bit more clean and a darker wash is easier to dress up and can be a bit more verastile
  • If you cant decide on slim vs. boyfriend fit, I would recommend boyfriend fit. They can be a bit more forgiving on most body frames. They don’t have to be loosely fitted all through the full thighs, just not a skinny fit.
  • Lastly, I would opt for a high rise. You want to be cautious with a low rise shorts period because of where the length cuts off. A high-rise bermuda short will help bring the eyes up and create longer-looking legs.
Elly Brown wears black bermuda denim shorts with a simple tank and pearl sandals from Zara

top Β / shorts / shoes / bag (similar) / bracelets


Elly Brown wears black bermuda denim shorts with white sneakers and a blue gingham blazer

blazer (Similar) / top / shorts / shoes / bag / bracelets

Elly Brown wears black bermuda denim shorts a graphic tee and pink leather sneakers

top (Similar) / shorts / sneakers / bag (similar) / bracelets

l in all, don’t be afraid to dress them up. You can wear them with blazers, dress them up for date night, and heels. You do not always have to wear them casually.

What are your thoughts on bermuda shorts? What outfit is your favorite? Comment down below!

Elly Brown wears black bermuda denim shorts with nude sandals and a colorful top

top / shorts / sandals / bag

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you have a great day!




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