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I’m always getting asked, “how I do it all”. My answer is always Jesus. He is the anchor to my soul, the beginning and the end. There are many many days where honestly, I don’t want to do any of it. Being a Mama, Wifey, and CEO of Uptown is a lot of work. The work is never-ending, and if you take a day off it feels like taking two steps back.

Houston fashion blogger Uptown with Elly Brown wears a sweater and leather jacket together

Looking for a Casual Street Style outfit? Houston Fashion blogger wears a sweater and denim outfit paired with a leather jacket and converse shoes!

Recently, over the last few weeks, I have been feeling like I am constantly on a short fuse with the boys. I wake up yelling, and I go to sleep yelling at them! I’m pretty sure I am yelling in my sleep too. For whatever reason I feel like they both hit the age where things just go in one ear and straight out the other…or for example when I call their name, it seems like they don’t even have a name, they just keep going or doing whatever it is that they are doing.

Getting ANYTHING done is nearly impossible, in fact: If I am doing the dishes, instead of it taking me 5 minutes it takes me 20 minutes because I am stopping every 2.5 seconds!Houston fashion blogger Uptown with Elly Brown wears a casual outfit with chucks

Street Style outfit

Then it hit me, the boys have been sleeping with us the last few days. We make a pallet for them on our bedroom floor and they love “camping out” with daddy and mama. Colin was yapping away and Jadyn yells, “NOOO COLIN, STOP!!! ENOUGH!!!!!” And all of a sudden I heard me yelling those words, and not Jadyn. Kids are like sponges and soak EVERYTHING up. So much that the boys are soaking up my sometimes anger, and frustration. Both which are the last thing I want them to learn from me.

Clear as day I felt the holy spirit convicting me that I need to be slow to speak and quick to love, even with my kids. It’s easy to love others, but how about being slow to react when you have already said the same thing 15 times a day…. for the last 3 years!

It was a hard pill to swollow honestly.

Houston fashion blogger Uptown with Elly Brown wears a sweater and leather jacket together

I want to encourage you today, to be slow to speak. It’s easy to get so upset with our kids after we have told them the same thing over and over and over again. But let’s not forget, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and yes I totally went there.

Have a great day!

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2 comments on “Casual Street Style + Personal Thoughts

  • Nichole says:

    Elly, great post and I love the outfit! I also feel like I am constantly getting onto my son for misbehaving. It’s helpful to hear that other moms go through this everyday and it’s important to look to Jesus for guidance! I wish every moment with my son was a happy one, and that I could spend less time training him to act appropriately. Thanks for the post!

    • Elly says:

      Nichole, when you find out how to spend less time teaching them to act appropriately let me know! The struggle is real! Worst part is I am at home with them all the time, so when dada comes home it’s all fun and games. I always feel like the bad cop!