Casual Work Wear

casual work wear casual work wear

It’s not a secret I am a fan of casual looks. Because lets be real, who dresses up all the time?! And if you do then I want your life… just kidding!

When I worked a 9-5 job we would have casual Thursdays and Fridays in the office. It was the highlight of my week! Every. Single. Week. I lived for denim (and still do). But every single week I would get stuck on what to wear to the office that was 1) Decent for work 2) Something hat was trendy but work appropriate.

I will admit I was not as confident in my style as I am now. So I always kept things simple and didn’t play around much with different looks. Now, after many MANY trial and errors I am confident with my style and know what works and what doesn’t with me. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and have fun with my clothes like I do now!

This look is perfect casual work wear! You have your key pieces that add sophistication to your look that offset with your slouchy tee (which by the way, this is officially the softest tee I own, and love!) and your cuffed denim jeans.

My work appropriate pieces for this look are 1-My vest, It’s just the right length and also fits perfectly (not too baggy or too small) 2- My shoes, These are the perfect shoes for work (or anywhere really) The heel height is perfect if you are on your feet a lot, and Maumero shoes are so well made you can last all day in them! 3- My structured bag, I went with a colored bag just for fun, but because the bag is structured it makes it appropriate for work!

The best was to express yourself if you do have more of a strict dress code for work is through your accessories. It will always allow you to show your personality but without going over board (unless you got some kind of choke collar going on, which in that case that’s probably a big no no). Which is I went with the gorgeous matching necklace and ring from Park and Lane.

casual work wear casual work wear casual work wear casual work wear casual work wear casual work wear casual work wear casual work wear casual work wear casual work wearAffiliate links: Vest | ℅ Relaxed Tee | Jeans (similar) | ℅ Shoes– get 10% off with code ‘ellyrbrown’ | Clutch | ℅ Necklace & Ring | Sunnies

Photog by Ailee Petrovic

A special thank you to Fabrizio Gianni for partnering with me to bring you this post. As always, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting those who make Uptown with Elly Brown possible.

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Love this casual look!


Perfect outfit – in fact i am wearing a very similar tee, jeans and vest combo today for my casual Friday look.


My shoes and jewelry are definitely my favorite way to add my personal touch to work outfits! Love this for casual friday!!


Stream & Stone

The vest is everything. I love it so much. It makes a simple look, look so classy.