Cat Eye Makeup: 3 simple tricks

cat eye makeup tutorial

Ahh, the famous cat eye look. The reason you never ask a women why she is late! Cat eye look can be very intimidating. But just like with anything else practice makes perfect! Here are my three tricks for the perfect cat eye look! Here are three things to keep in mind next time you create a cat eye look.

  1. The tools you use will be your best friend! If you’re a beginner or don’t feel quiet so comfortable using a brush I highly recommend using  Tarte Precision Longwear Liner. The tip on this liner will be perfect to create a smooth line and the perfect wing tip at the end! (This liner is also on sale for 50% off! #winning)
  2. When applying your liner start with the inner corner of your eye and use small strokes! Do not try to line your eye in one big stroke. Take your time and be precise. Again, no one will be asking you why you’re late when your eyeliner game is on fleek. (haha!)
  3. When you’re creating your wing its very easy to mess up… and that’s okay, No need to get frustrated or give up. The easiest clean up solution is to get a winged brush, dip it in some concealer and just brush it clean if you need to!

    Also, if you’re wondering why I have tape on my eyes, I use it when I am doing my eyeshadow sometimes to blend it all together without making a mess outside my eyes.

cat eye makeup tutorial

cat eye makeup tutorial cat eye makeup tutorial cat eye makeup tutorial cat eye makeup tutorial cat eye makeup tutorial cat eye makeup tutorial cat eye makeup tutorialAffiliate links: Eyeliner / Lip color: ‘cruela’

A special thank you to Ulta Beauty for sending me the Tarte Precision Longwear Liner to review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

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Eryn S.

Omg the concealer tip is genius! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had one line fatter than the other and then it just goes downhill from there!

I will be using these tips ASAP!