5 Cozy Loungewear Sets for Everyone!

Who is ready for the cooler weather?! I know I am! Especially being in the new house and being able to host Thanksgiving (or at least I hope we can). Houston has surprisingly had cold temps in the early morning, and I am not complaining. Except for the fact that my allergies are full swing. Kicking off all things Fall, I am sharing five cozy loungewear sets for everyone!

Keep scrolling for all the details on each cozy loungewear set and why I love it. Also, stay tuned for next week, where we will be kicking off ALL THINGS FALL BEAUTY. I’m talking about fall nails, fall lipsticks, and fall eyeshadows! You will not want to miss it.

Looking for cute outfits to wear this Fall and Winter while at home? Elly Brown shares 5 Cozy Loungewear Sets you'll love!

outfit details: sweater / pants  / shoe (similar) / headband / necklace

Out of all the cozy loungewear sets, this one is my FAVORITE. It’s the softest one, and the ankle detail is the icing on the top if you ask me. Runs TTS, but you can see it has a relaxed fit. Note; this isn’t a see-through material- but I would not recommend wearing dark underwear with it.

Elly Brown wear a neutral sweater set for under $100 from Amazon

outfit details: sweater / short  / shoes / necklace

Here in Houston, we may not always stay in the low 60’s all day, and I feel like this set if perfect for it. This set also comes in different colors and under $50 (set is sold separately). But also very comfy to wear!

Elly Brown wears a dark tie-dye sweat set for under $100 from Ruthie Grace

outfit details: set / boots 

Add a belt bag over your shoulder, and you have an edgy street style look that is still cute BUT comfortable to even round around with the kids! This set is sold together and comes in different colors too! If combat boots are too edgy for you, you can swap them for sneakers.

Elly Brown wears a cute and comfy grey loungewear set from Revolve

outfit details: sweater / pants  / shoes / headband / necklace

I adore this set, as well! I love this look as a whole; it’s feminine but comfy! Pair this look with a denim jacket for an extra layer if you’ de like. Set is sold separately FYI.

Looking for cute outfits to wear this Fall and Winter while at home? Elly Brown shares 5 Cozy Loungewear Sets you'll love!

outfit details: set / boots / jacket / necklace 


This is an outfit that is perfect for the southern states if you ask me. It’s cold in the mornings, so you need an extra layer like a denim jacket. Come lunchtime, it’s like 85, so you can lose the jacket, and you’re still cute and comfy ?. Set as a whole is under $50!



Thank you so much for stopping by! Comment below, which one is your favorite look? Mine is the first set, that ankle detail is my favorite followed by the dark tie-dye set, it’s so edgy!






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Hi Elly Brown,
Really the first set looks very beautiful and stylish too.
Thanks for the article.


You are looking great. Love your style, you have such a great sense of style. The first one is my favorite.