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Cute and Casual New Year’s Outfit Ideas

Can you believe this year is almost over? I definitely can’t! Before I officially sign off for the rest of the year here on Uptown (yay, for some time off)! I wanted to share cute and casual New Year’s outfit ideas! And girl, we have got it ALL. It’s all below, from feathers to sequins, to sparkle and shine!

As I mentioned above, I am breaking down 10, yes 10!! Cute and casual New Year’s outfit ideas into different categories. All different fabrics and textures that I think work perfect for a New Year’s Outfit. For example, if you have a satin slip dress- wear it! Have a velvet top? Wear it! You might not need to go out and buy a whole new outfit necessarily, and you may already have one of these items in your closet.

The key here is don’t be afraid to pair and wear things together and mix things unexpectantly. A satin dress with a velvet blazer? This look is still my favorite look to date and would be a perfect holiday outfit.


Look one: Dress // Heels // Clutch
Look two: Jacket / Jeans / Shoes

Sequins over the holidays are a given but don’t think you HAVE to dress sequins up. Grab a fun sequin top and wear them with denim and sneakers if you want! I love sequins and stay tuned for how to wear sequins AFTER the holidays.


Look one: Jacket // Shirt (similar) // Pants // Shoes
Look two: Dress // Stockings // Heels (similar) // Clutch

Another given, sparkle and shine! Not to be confused with sequins, but this is another excellent option if you’re not a fan of sequins. Again, it’s festive and fun, but you can find great ways to feel and look festive but without overdoing it. Find a simple sparkle top, pair it with a black leather jacket or blazer, and call it a day.


Look one: Top // Pants // Shoes // Necklace
Look two: Blazer (similar) // Shirt // Pants // Boots

Velvet! One style I don’t think gets enough love. It’s a chic and soft, and subtle touch for the holidays. Velvet and leather is a GORGEOUS combo also. Perfect to wear even after the holidays for a fun night out with the girl’s outfit!


Look one: Jacket // Dress (similar) // Shoes // Necklace
Look two: Pajama Set // Shoes

Feathers are the fancy-schamncy for holidays, but not a reason to shy away from feathers! You can go all out, or subtle with feathers. I also wouldn’t never typically agree with feather pjs out in public, but these I’ll give you a pass on, they are so stinking cute😍! I also found the perfect lookalike version here for under $50


Look one: Dress // Shoes
Look two: Jacket // Top // Pants // Shoes // Necklace

Last but not least, satin! Satin isn’t necessarily a holiday look, but It can be. It’s the simplest (but still beautiful) for the holidays. Grab your slip dress and pair with a leather jacket (or blazer). Or a simple cami with jeans and a jacket works too! 

I really hope these cute and casual New Year’s outfit Ideas outfits help you this holiday season to an easy guide on what to wear! 2022 is going to be a great year and I am so happy to have you here with me! Happy New Year friends! ❤️





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