Cute Swimsuits for All Body Types

Swimsuits… you either love them or hate them! There is no in-between, or is there? Growing up in Brazil, swimsuits are made with as little material as possible (which is why they call it Brasilian “cut” bikinis). Finding cute swimsuits after having kids is not an easy task. Things are not where they used to be, and you need more support than before. For example, I wouldn’t be caught with a high-waisted bikini before kids. Post kids, I LOVE when it’s high-waisted.

Finding swimsuits that make you feel confident and beautiful is a MUST. I polled everyone over on IG where you buy your swimsuits and got a lot of great responses!! I’m going to be sharing some of my favorites, along with the ones that YOU recommended. Different price points, different styles. I hope you can find one that makes you feel AND look AHHHHHMAZING. You deserve it!

one piece;

Floral one piece from Monday swimwear.

Floral one piece from MondaySwimwear. Monday swimwear is a new brand to me, and swoon! It was very hard trying to narrow down one suit from them to buy. One of you actually recommended them, and I can’t wait to try more swimwear from them.

Navy one piece swimsuit perfect for all body types.

If you’re looking for swimwear that is a bit more modest, and that covers what needs to be covered, Andie swim is a great place! Size inclusive, and they even sell suits for long torsos!

Cute red and purple one piece swimwear for the summer!

Color blocking from Summersalt. This is also several years old, and I love this one! Summersalt has a lot of cute prints and styles. Carrying sizes up to 22 and maternity, and they are also having a 30% off sale too!

H&M one piece swimsuit great for all body types.

This one-piece is 4 years old and still is in great condition. Surprisingly, you can find some really cute swimsuits from HM. The sizing is a little off, and I would suggest ordering a size up or two. But they have some good pieces for a good price!

two pieces;

DISSH swimsuit set with a tie neck top.

swim top / swim bottom
DISSH is a newish brand to me. I finally took the plunge and ordered some items from their site and I have loved each piece. quality is great, and they are also a sustainable brand.

A swimsuit great for all body types even though it is a two piece set.

I recently bought this matching top and bottom from Albion. It is the cutest and if you’re looking for another brand that has swimsuits that are a bit more modest, but still cute, Albion is another good online shop to take a look at. I really love this skirt (which also comes in different prints).

Brown and white unique swimsuit set.

Ethical swimwear with some very unique prints and styles! Follow Suit is a little bit higher on the price point, but very cute and well made!

Abercrombie two piece tiger print set for swimming.

Abercrombie honestly wouldn’t be my first place to buy swim, but I will say this one I bought from a couple of years ago is still a favorite. A bit more cheeky, and trendy, but if that’s what you’re looking for then I would take a look there.

Lastly, here is a list and some brands where you said you shop from. I ordered a suit from beach riot to try (still waiting on my order). I do agree with J.crew and Aerie having some good swimwear. Although I tried two from Aerie this year, and they did not work for me. I do have some of their older two-piece swimsuits, and I love those! You can see the blue one I have here.

Target // Cupshe via Amazon
Aerie // Roolee // Swimzip
Toluca swim // Torrid // Jcrew
Nordstrom/ Nordstrom Rack // Ancora swim
Gottex // Frankie shop // Andrea Iyamah
Beach Riot // Revolve // Shopbop // Solid and Striped // Left on Friday




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