Why You Need a Denim Dress

Why you need a Denim Dress

I love anything denim. I love how it also never goes out of style. I have several denim vests, dresses and shirts that are years old and still look great!

If you don’t have a denim dress, then stop what you are doing right now. Like stop.drop. roll, and go get one… Okay I am exaggerating a bit, but you seriously do need one. And here’s why:

1.  It’s like a LBD but in denim. I love leggings, but I love denim even more ( I can’t believe I actually admitted that). I would trade a good pair of denim jeans for leggings ANYDAY, and when you find the right denim dress, it’s the same feeling (especially a denim shirt dress like I am wearing).
2.  It can be worn day or night, all you have to do is change your accessories and shoes! Easy right?
3.  Not only can it be worn day or night, but it can be worn all year round too. Just add layers for the winter time like: leggings, OTK boots, or even add denim jeans and heels for a great girls night out look and a denim on denim look.
4.  SO many different fits to choose from. You can find A-line denim dress, shift denim dress, tent dresses and the list can go on. You name it, you can find it! Whatever your body shape, you can find a denim dress to fit correctly. SO no excuses (totally saying this with a wink).

This is by far one of the easiest looks to pull off making it easy to dress up or down! You can’t go wrong with a denim dress!

Guess what? Think you can’t wear this to work? Well, guess again! Just make sure you’re not showing too much skin and opt for sleek pumps and add a blazer for more of a sophisticated look!

Have I convinced you to get a denim dress yet? I hope so!

Why you need a Denim Dress
Why you need a Denim Dress
Why you need a Denim Dress

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Photog- the Hubs (he is taking a step up, and so proud of him for helping me out!)

Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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Way to go Jordan! Pictures look great!

Amber Jefferies

Love this dress!!

xo Amber