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Denim Essentials

Next up on “Denim Week,” we are covering denim essentials. If you missed it, we covered everything you need to know about denim earlier this week. Today, it’s all about building your wardrobe and finding your denim essentials. Before we dive in, I want you to take inventory of your current closet, and let’s go over a few questions I want you to ask yourself. If we take a step back and analyze what we currently have, what we genuinely love, and what we need. I want you to build and buy things that you will actually love and wear!

Let’s jump into the five denim essentials. But before we dive into the essentials, let’s talk about different denim washes. The washes you choose in each style will depend more on your preference and style. For example, I tend to like darker washes. I think they are a bit more versatile and timeless, in my opinion. On the other hand, lighter denim washes tend to be very trendy. We all see the baggy ’90s denim going around, most of which are lighter washes.

On the other hand, lighter denim washes tend to be very trendy. We all see the baggy ’90s denim going around, most of which are lighter washes. Generally speaking, lighter washes are more casual, and darker rinses can even be dressed up and be business casual.

What are some denim washes? Here are some of the most popular and different kinds of denim washes;

  • bleached or ice wash- the white area is larger than the blue, also used with stones and bleach.
  • acid wash- used with stones and bleach creating sharp contrast in color.
  • stone wash- stones as in pumice, to give it an aged appearance with random fades and holes.
  • enzyme wash – enzymes eat away the cellulose in the cotton, giving it a natural fade and soft fabric.
  • rinse wash- only dye is washed off, the most common wet-finishing method.
  • white wash- white denim, woven from bleached cotton
  • black wash- sulfur dye used, black-black denim is achieved by overdyeing

Now that we know washes, what kind of styles are essential?!

straight leg denim

Again, You can choose whatever wash and rinse you like here, but I tend to go for the darker rinses with minimal distressing and HIGH rise. All of my denim is high-rise. #Ihavekids and ben there, done that with low rise🤣.

Your straight denim can be a cross between slim, tapered, or straight. If you want to update from skinny jeans, try a slim or tapered straight. I personally like them on the slim side

wide leg denim

I have had this wide-leg denim for YEARS, I still love them, and I get compliments every time I wear them! I love that these are also high rise, so it gives the illusion of LEGS FOR DAYS on my petite frame.

black & denim

I’m not into colored denim, except for black and white. Those are two I think are great to have! Both look great all year round!

white denim

You may think you can’t wear white after Labor Day, but you CAN! Winter white is SO chic.

cropped denim

Finally, on the essential list is good cropped denim! These can be a bit harder to style, but they go great with boots in the winter!

Thanks so much for stopping by for denim essentials! Hope you find a new pair that fits you like a glvoe and that you love!




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