DIY Blowout

A special thank you to KareCo for partnering with me in this video. As always thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting those who support Uptown with Elly Brown.

Houston beauty blogger Uptown WIth Elly Brown shares how to DIY blowout at home with just a few tips and tricks! Check out the easy video tutorial!

Happy Friday!

Today I am teaming up with KareCo International to bring you a few tips and tricks on how to get the salon quality blowout at home, by doing it yourself! I have not been able to master the DIY blowout until just a few years ago (I finally got it down, now I need to practice braiding). KareCo Thermal brush is the perfect tool to get the results you want. It helps with drying time, and the 3″ is perfect for long hair! If your hair is shorter- no worries, they have TONS of professional brushes to get the look you want. When you purchase at KareCo you can get free shipping when you use code:”UPTOWNELLY”. Valid thru 12/31!

So here are just a few things to remember when blow drying your hair:

-Let your hair air dry a bit. You don’t want to work with dripping wet hair.
-Use your Tangle Buster Brush to get out all the kinks before you begin drying!
-Always rotate the brush. That will create flawless bouncy (and full of volume) hair!
– Work in sections! Keep the sections small too.
– Keep the airflow downwards. If not you will get tons of fly aways and look like a mad house. It’s best to use your nozzle to help you with air control.
-Practice, Practice, Practice! The more you try the more you will get the hang of it!

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