DIY Hair Mask

I’ll start by admitting that the one thing I do take a lot of pride in is my hair. I am cautious about not using too many products, too much dry shampoo and using the RIGHT products. One thing I always do is my DIY hair mask, and what a difference it has made in my hair.

I have pretty thick hair (used to be thicker before all these kids), and over the years and as I got older my hair has lacked a lot of shine. About three years ago I stumbled on coconut oil. I started doing my research, and one thing led to another and now I soon I became obsessed love anything and everything with coconut oil.

Looking for a DIY Hair Mask? Houston beauty blogger shares her favorite all time mask that keeps your hair healthy, shiny, AND promotes hair growth!


Coconut oil has MANY benefits for your hair, but the most significant improvement I have seen is that my hair is shiny, and it grows a lot faster. I started doing DIY hair masks once a week, and after I started seeing results I was hooked!

My all-time favorite DIY hair mask is the Coconut and Lavender oil hair mask. Lavender oil helps control hair loss and promotes hair growth, and it also helps with itchy scalp and or dandruff. Coconut oil is great for shine, softness, and help with split ends too!

This DIY mask is super easy to do as well. All you need a is small jar (this one is perfect), fill it up with coconut oil* and add two drops of lavender oil and mix the mask. Store in a cool and dark place and use as needed!

Have you tried a coconut oil hair mask? If so, what did you think? Share your thoughts below!



*NOTE- Make sure to use the right coconut oil, there are many different kinds out there, look for cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil in a glass jar! Read more about the difference in coconut oils here.



Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!


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Excellent tip what are your favorite shampoo and conditioner to use?

Israel Burke

Great Tips! I’ll try this out with my wife.


Your coconut oil suggestion is a valid one, as this ingredient is growing in popularity among those making their own hair treatments and recipes. It’s good to hear that your hair has improved with quality care.

Lisa Ann

Wow, coconut oil.. who would guess that??

Susan Wells

Very interesting about another benefit of this oil. So many things cocunut does for us 🙂


Your coconut oil proposal is a legitimate one, as this fixing is developing in prevalence among those making their own particular hair medicines and formulas. It’s great to hear that your hair has enhanced with quality care.


Quite true with the coconut oil hair mask. I did try it on my wife’s hair and the result was great. Also, eating lots of protein, vitamins and zinc will help a lot…


Yeah coconut oil is real working for me thanks. After my natural hair transplant surgery looks good with oily hair =D


Great guide! I’ve been meaning to try a coconut oil hair mask and get some life back in my hair, so I’ll definitely have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

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i cant wait to try this! awesome!!

Emily Wiston

Amazing and very easy tips I never thought to combine both coconut and lavender oil. BTW I love your sleek and shiny hair. Keep sharing useful tips.

Margaret @findbestreview

Nice Article. It’s really worth to read it! Great tips on hair treatment. By the way, you looking so pretty. Thank you for your kind information.

sankha paul

this article is really awesome and very useful content

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