DIY: Sleek Blow Out


DIY sleek blow out

Ever wish you could have your hair stylist do you hair every other day? I do. I feel like I am challenged when it comes to blow drying my hair. I couldn’t do it if my life depended on it. The whole hand and eye coordination thing just throws me off. Thankfully I have been practicing and have finally got the hang of DIY’ing a sleek blow out without having to flat-iron my hair afterwards.

I have had my fair share of brushes and never have found one I loved until now. I literally want to just walk around the house with my new Goody Clean Radiance Brush because every time I use it I feel like I am getting a head massage, and who doesn’t love a head massage? I am not kidding when I say this brush feels ahhhmazing while brushing your hair + it has a flexible cushion pad for added comfort. Thankfully this brush has been perfect for my sleek blow outs, it really tames the frizz and leaves my hair soft, and radiant.

So lets talk about why it feels so good and what the brush really does. The Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush has copper bristles for a healthier shine and helps reduce natural buildup produced over time. So think of it like this, when you’re getting that head massage, think of the bristles doing all the work for you and massaging away all the gunk and product build up on your scalp. I have been using the Good Clean Radiance paddle brush twice a day and have noticed a huge difference in shine and less frizz.

Keep on reading for tips for a perfect DIY Sleek blow out…
at home sleek blow out at home sleek blow out at home sleek blow out

DIY Sleek Blow out:

  1. Prep your hair. I use Atonic from Tres Spa. (Love the smell!)
  2. Divide and conquer! You many need to section your hair into four sections if you have longer or more hair. For short hair I would do two or three sections.
  3. To really limit the amount of frizz and help you avoid using the extra heat with a flat-iron I suggest adding the nozzle to your hair dryer which allows the heat to be concentrated .
  4. Last but not least: Make sure the air always flows downwards. Again, this avoids the extra frizz and keeps your hair looking sleek and smooth!
  5. Finish with Oil and you are all set!
    at home sleek blow out at home sleek blow out at home sleek blow out


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