Doona Stroller Review, Is It Worth It?

I am so excited to share my Doona stroller review with you guys! This review has been one of the most requested review for the last three months. I have to say, overall, I am impressed! But is it really worth $500? Let’s break it down, shall we?

Houston lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her Doona Stroller Review, and if it's really worth the $$$.

What are the stroller specs?

The Doona stroller weighs 16.5lbs, and suitable for infants from 4 to 35lbs. It is rear-facing only and has a 5-point harness. The adjustable handlebar also acts as an anti-rebound bar inside the car.

When you buy the Doona stroller, you get the infant car seat & stroller, the latch base, infant support, and vehicle seat protector. The Doona stroller also comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Comes in different colors as well!

Is it heavy?

I think so. Not any heavier than a regular stroller, but it’s not light.

Houston lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her Doona Stroller Review, and if it's really worth the $$$.

Is it convenient?

1000% yes. It has a simple motion operation, from car seat to stroller in seconds. It’s amazing!

Is it bigger than a typical car seat?

Yes and No. Again, when the wheels are folded up, it is slightly bulky. It doesn’t take up that much more room inside the car, I think they did do a great job designing the wheels to fold into and under the length of the car seat.

Can you remove the inserts and wash them?

Yes, you can!

Houston lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her Doona Stroller Review, and if it's really worth the $$$.

What are some pros?

Extremely convenient and easy for in and out errands, especially when you are alone (as in no other kids).

If you travel a lot (or live in a place like NYC) then this car seat is perfect because you don’t need the base and can use a seatbelt in and out of cars. The easy fold allows the stroller to be carried as an infant car seat too for places with stairs.

What are some cons?

There is no storage basket underneath. This is the biggest issue for me because I have like 50 kids (or at least that’s how it feels at times). They do have accessories like snap-on storage, but I don’t know how it’ll fit once the car seat is in its base (I’ll report back once I buy it and try it out).

Because of the no storage space, going to places like target gets tricky (especially with multiple kids). Because of the wheels, putting the car seat inside a Target cart leaves you no room for whatever you need to buy, and again there isn’t any storage underneath the stroller itself.

The Doona stroller is obviously not a double stroller (so I can’t expect it to do what a double stroller does), but this is something to think about if you have multiple kids… Liam is still small, and he isn’t as easily contained🤪. If I have him and Audrey, it sometimes gets tricky. Now, the nice part about the stroller is the adjustable handlebar, it’s the perfect height for Liam help out. He LOVES being the big brother and pushing her around.

Elly Brown pushes her baby in the doona stroller while wearing faux leather biker shorts with an oversized sweater

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Finally, with a regular infant car seat, you don’t have to worry about dirty wheels inside the car, or scraping the door. With the Doona stroller, I’ve had to wipe my car door a few times from taking the stroller in and out. There are wheel covers, but TBH, who has time to take covers off and on all the time?! Not an extra step I need in my life right now 🤣.

Overall though, the Doona is a GREAT infant car seat/stroller. Out of 10 stars, I would give this an 8. Aside from the no storage compartment and the wheels on my side door, this stroller is great, and I would HIGHLY recommend it.


I hope you enjoyed this Doona Stroller Review. If you have any comments, or questions make sure to comment below!


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