How to: Double Crown Braid

I will be the first to admit I am not great braids. I am not good AT ALL. But this double crown braid is so easy to do, even someone like myself can pull it off! And trust me, if I can do this on my own hair, you can do it too!!


Houston beauty blogger Uptown With Elly Brown shares A 5 minute double crown braid for any length of hair! Check out the quick and easy tutorial!

All you need double crown braid do is a texture spray and a few bobby pins. A few tips of mine would be to;

1. make sure you pull your braids for more of a “fuller” braid.
2. spray your texture spray BEFORE you braid. That will help with your braids holding and not sliding off- this works great for sleek hair!
3. Braid in the direction you will pin. Try avoiding braiding straight down. This will cause your braid at the root to come out and not lay flat.

Have you tried a look like this? If so, share below!


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