Dyson vs. Shark Vacuum, Which is better?

You know how you’re getting old? When you get excited about a vacuum cleaner… or am I the only one? Just me? Cool ?. A little back story before we get into the Dyson vs. Shark vacuum and which one is better. I have always been picky about my vacuums, and because of my mom’s cleaning background, I swore off any vacuums that weren’t Kenmore. Since I have been married (12 years), I have now bought 3 Kenmore vacuums, two in the last two years.

Looking to upgrade your vacuum? Dyson vs. Shark Vacuum, which one is better and worth the investment? Elly Brown shares her review on both!

I was so frustrated with the vacuum we had, the cord, how heavy it was, and how we kept having so many problems. So, I took it to Instagram to ask what kind of vacuums you used. Sure enough, it was a split between Dyson vs. Shark vacuum. Then I went down this big rabbit hole of which one is better, and is $600 for a freaking vacuum really worth it? I mean, for $600, it better make vacuuming a walk in the park, right?!

I took one for the team and bought BOTH vacuums and put both to the test for two weeks. Putting BOTH to the test, and gathering my thoughts on each one. I also made JB use both and asked him to share his input too!

Dyson vs. Shark Vacuum

Let’s break down the Dyson vacuum first, shall we?

Price: $599.99
Model: Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum
Thoughts: I will have to admit; I am now a Dyson fan because of this vacuum. I still can not swallow the $600 price tag on this sucker, though. Does the vacuum live up to the hype? Yes, it does! I was also surprised that I was able to vacuum my whole house with one charge. I know many people worry about the battery, but my tip is to simply always keep the vacuum in the docking station, and you should be good!


  • Sleek design
  • Cordless, duh! ?
  • Powerful suction, especially on the boost mode. (downside is boost mode will drain the battery quickly)
  • It has a smart technology to distinguish when your vacuuming floor or carpet.
  • Cleaning out the bin is extremely easy!
  • AMAZING for cleaning the car. Actually, I love cleaning random corners with the attachment pieces.
  • Reaches under low furniture well!
  • Not as loud as I expected.


  • I legit had a sore forearm after vacuuming my whole house after the first use.
  • I do not like that I have to press and hold the button for it to stay on. Like for $600, I should be able to press a button and not have to hold it on.
  • The bin could be a bit bigger. But to be honest, it’s so easy to clean the bin, it’s not a big deal. I’m just being really picky here.
  • With only having Ruggable rugs, it does lift up the rugs.

Dyson vs. Shark Vacuum

Moving on to the Shark Vacuum

Price: $299.40
Model: Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum 
Thoughts: Overall, I thought this was a good vacuum. It has excellent suction. I would argue that the suction on the shark is a bit better than the Dyson. Jordan doesn’t think so. But, I should have captured a picture to show you what the bin looked like after the first time I used it upstairs… it wasn’t pretty!


  • Great suction
  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Cleaning the bin is also not too hard
  • Not too loud
  • Easy carpet to floor transition
  • Self-Standing


  • Top Heavy
  • Way too many pieces
  • Do not love the design (but then again, it’s a vacuum, not a deal-breaker)
  • Did not give my wood floors a “polished look” as it claims
  • Once you try a cordless vacuum, anything with a cord annoys you
  • Does not reach under low furniture
  • Probably the biggest deal-breaker for me was the bottom carpet/ floor attachment was not a smooth swivel. It vacuums the carpet great, but the wood floor, not so much. You have to vacuum straight up and down.

Looking to upgrade your vacuum? Dyson vs. Shark Vacuum, which one is better and worth the investment? Elly Brown shares her review on both!


So which one did I keep? Dyson! And I am so happy with our decision! Now once we move in, I want to buy another one for the upstairs. But I will probably buy an older model to save a bit.


Have you tried a Dyson or Shark vacuum? What has your experience been like? Share with me below!


Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!






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I love my Dyson too!! And I have 1 for upstairs and 1 for downstairs ? and I’m telling you it’s totally worth it. I use mine so much. And use them daily so having 1 for each floor is perfect!! Congrats on the new vacuum!! And by the way, today I was at Buy Buy Baby and they have the exact dyson but for kiddos ? I’ve decided I’m getting it for my baby girl for Christmas, I’m thinking Audrey needs it to match momma ?

chantell marshke

I love my Dyson more than my shark! I clean houses for a living. I have a Dyson for my home and A Shark for work. The Shark always starts out better but quickly looses suction after a couple months of using. I have to replace my Shark every year and my dyson every 8 or so!


I got the Dyson V7 for under $200 at Target last year on Black Friday. I love it so much and if you’re wanting a less expensive version, I highly suggest it.