Easy Holiday Hair Ideas

The holiday season is here, and I know you have loved past hair tutorials and styles, so, I thought, let’s create easy holiday hair ideas that can be done in under 5 minutes! You can also create different variations of each hairstyle, but you get the idea!

A great way to get in the holiday mood with hairstyles is to accessorize! You’ll find below several of my favorite hair accessories, from bows to headbands, to pearls and velvet! You can also find a speed-up video below of each look! Oh and don’t mind me I will be living in these pajamas for a while! P.S. did you see the duper I shared for under $100??

Easy Holiday Hair Style #1:

A high bun for the win, but make it on-trend with curtain bangs! If you don’t love the high bun, you can always opt for a high ponytail, low bun, or low ponytail. P.S. don’t forget a pair of statement earrings to complete your look.

Easy Holiday Hair Style #2:

Timeless and has a bit more classic look. You can also create so many different variations of this holiday hairstyle. You can swap out the types of pins and create loose beach waves or holiday glam curls. You can even create tight curls and tease them for that Tori Kelly hair vibe.

Easy Holiday Hair Style #3:

For my headband lovers, this headband SCREAMS holiday-appropriate. I love a pulled-back and sleek bun with a headband. It’s very feminine, and simple, but still can be very festive! You can really have fun here with headbands, LOVE this crystal one

Easy Holiday Hair Style #4:

This easy holiday hairstyle is the most effortless look of all! A simple bow tie to try with straight hair or curly hair, you can throw it on and go. It’s that easy! If you have curtain bangs, you can also leave them loose and curled like the first hairstyle.

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Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you can try one of these easy holiday hair ideas this season. And, if you do- please tag me on social media so I can see.

Happy Holidays!


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