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The perfect edgy Summer outfit The perfect edgy Summer outfit The perfect edgy Summer outfit The perfect edgy Summer outfit DSC_06312

Happy hump day!

This weather has been crazy here in Houston. When the weather gets like this my edgy side comes out, and I love pulling off an edgy look. Best thing about an edgy look is that it doesn’t take much, which is why I love it.

You can pull off an edgy look in so many ways, but my favorite way is a teeΒ andΒ some skinnies. Then, I spice it up with my accessories. You can’t do edgy with out black also. Its like edgy IS blacks middle name, that is if it were to have a middle name. (Guys, I have been stuck inside for the last three days, I’m starting to go crazy!)

Wanna know a little secret? My shirt is actually unisex! How awesome is that?! Perfect for Father’s Day coming up (hint, hint!) I have actually never owned such a soft and comfortable tee until now thanks to The Actual Meaning! The Actual Meaning is a newly developed e-commerce store in HTX. I have seen previews of what they are going to be getting and you don’t want to miss it! Stay tuned!

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