Fall 2017 Trend – The Polka Dots Fashion

Kicking off my Fall Trends series today with y’all! First up this season is one the cutest and feminine trend, the Polka Dots fashion! I don’t think there is a print that is more chic and feminine than the polka dot print.

My favorite way to wear this polka dots fashion is to keep it subtle (what a shock right?!) and effortless. I am personally not a fan of the big dots but love the small dots. It’s great for date night, office wear, and even Saturday brunch. I recently bought a few of these tops and can not wait to wear them with vegan leather leggings or even my suede skirt with my OTK boots.

What are your thoughts about the polka dots fashion, love it or leave it? How would you wear this trend? Here are three of my favorite ways to wear it; one, two, three.

Far 2017 Trends; Polk Dots | Uptown with Elly Brown - Fall 2017 Trend - The Polka Dots Fashion by Houston fashion blogger Uptown wit Elly Brown

JOA Blouse //  Dot-Bell Shift Dress //

Denim Blue top // Blouse with Flounce  //

Polka Dot Dress  // Classic Blazor //


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