Fall Fashion Trends 2023: How to Wear Them with Style

It is time to refresh our wardrobes with the latest fall fashion trends. Fall is a season of rich colors, cozy textures, and layering opportunities- LOTS of it. This season, I’m extremely excited for what is trending and jumping on board immediately for some of them! So take your fall transitional outfits and make them work with these new and coming trends! In this blog post below, let’s explore five fall fashion trends for 2023 and break down tips on how to wear them with style and confidence you’ll feel great in.


I feel like we are already seeing so much of this bright chili pepper red…and I LOVE IT! Going into fall with such a fun color makes me want to add so many new pieces to my closet. If going all out in this color isn’t for you, I highly suggest just adding a pop of it to your outfit to start getting used to it. So many ways to do this: with a lip color, purse, jewelry, or even a shoe! Just have some fun with it and try it out.

Elly Brown in cherry red peplum top from Express.



Out of all Fall fashion trends, I am most excited about this one. I will admit, I did not love it at first, but now I do! I think everywhere I look, I see this silver metallic… seems like a flashback to the 90s. But I am jumping on this train and already have my first pair of metallic ballet flats. My tip here is also this- DO not go overboard with this one, metallic is VERY ‘trendy’, so I also don’t foresee this trend lasting too long. One or two pieces are all you need.

stripped top and midi skirt paired with metallic ballet flats.

Top // Skirt // Shoes // Purse

Peplum Tops

This might be one of the fall 2023 trends I’m not as excited about. Even though they have updated this style since 2010, I still find that they are such a hit or miss. If you seem to feel the same way that I do about them, I recommend going for a “softer” peplum style like I did below. I do talk a little bit more about why I feel this way in my YouTube video so be sure to watch to see why I feel that way!

Houston fashion blogger posed in Rent the runway outfit which is plaid blazer, blue and brown peplum top, black split hem pants with zippers, and brown ganni purse.

Top // Jacket // Pants // Purse // Shoes


This trend has been growing for years leading up to 2023, but I feel like I have been seeing it more this year. It is such a power moment when you wear a suit as a woman, and I won’t lie, I LOVE it. Flipping through online and looking at all the options has made me realize how much I want more of them in my closet. Suits are also super easy to layer with big jackets in the colder months if you live anywhere other than Texas. 🤪 Also, have fun mixing and matching the top and bottoms with other pieces in your closet.

Fall fashion trends in Good American chocolate suit!

Top (similar) // Jacket // Pants // Shoes

Back to Basics

This is also nothing new but something we are seeing more and more of! I feel like this is something everyone can participate in since we all have basics in our closet. Thanks to Sofia Richie, I think the key to this “old money” vibe is to keep the colors neutral and simple. As much as I love this trend, I don’t think you need to go out and buy new things for it. Think, sweaters, simple t-shirts, denim jeans, etc. See what you have and build a look from that, and if you are still missing things for that perfect outfit, then make sure you are buying something that can be worn several other ways to get that cost per wear down!

Back to basics look for fall fashion trends in cargo denim from JCPenney, black strappy heels, white tee, and black bomber jacket.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Be sure to let me know below what your favorite Fall fashion trends are and which you want to try out this season.

All my love,

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