Fall Monochrome Outfit

This fall monochrome outfit may be my favorite maternity outfit I have worn. This dark cheddar/pumpkin spice color is SO popular for fall right now, and I’m just really obsessed with how this look came out.

Looking for a fall outfit? Houston fashion blogger Elly Brown wears a Fall Monochrome Outfit that perfect for the weekend!

It feels a little bittersweet sharing my final maternity outfit with you guys. This outfit will be the VERY FINAL outfit with a bump here on the blog. I was so ready not to be pregnant anymore, and be able to wear non-maternity clothes, and now that I look at these pictures, I’m over here like “but waiiiiit!”

All kidding aside, monochrome outfits are my favorite. I love how chic and timeless they can be. Not to mention, if you have enough of one color in your closet (like your favorite color), it’s easy to pull off!

To wear a fall monochrome outfit, you don’t have to worry about the color being the EXACT shade. Have fun with whatever shade or tone you choose to wear!

Houston Fashion blogger Elly Brown wears an Angela Roi Bag for a fall monochrome outfit

Houston Fashion blogger Elly Brown wears a knit skirt for the fall to showcase her third trimester bump

^^ shoutout to the hubs for letting me know I had lipstick on my teeth! ?

Looking for a fall outfit? Houston fashion blogger Elly Brown wears a Fall Monochrome Outfit that perfect for the weekend!

a bit more about the items I’m wearing:

My skirt and sweater are not maternity pieces, this skirt is very stretchy (I just went up one size). Because I wore my skirt over the belly, all I did was tuck my sweater in the front. 

I bought these boots last year during the Nsale, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve gotten so much wear out of them, and they still have a lot of life left in them. My hat is from Gigi Pip, I wanted to compare it to Lack of Color, and I have to say… I’m very impressed! The quality and fit is fantastic, and it’s cheaper then Lack of Color. 

Finally, my bag is from Angela Roi, which has become a new favorite brand here. I own two of their totes (this one and a small red one), and I love them both. Angela Roi is also an ethical brand. No Child Labor, fair wages, great work environment, and they use non-animal materials. I really appreciate how transparent they are too! 


outfit details:

top / skirt (similar)/ boots (similar)/ bag / hat


Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!





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