Fall Transitional Outfits

As summer (HOPEFULLY) leaves, it’s time to revamp our wardrobes and transition into fall. Fall here in Texas can look so different each day, which goes hand in hand with my daily outfit choices. I never know what I will be in the mood to wear OR what mood the weather will be in 🤪. So, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with your style and blend the best of both summer and winter wardrobes into one. Fall transitional outfits are great for many reasons, but I think my number one reason is the layers and color combos.

Below, let’s get into some fall transitional outfits that will help you breeze through the season in style while staying on trend at the same time.

Blazer // Dress // Shoes // Purse // Belt

One of my recent looks I styled with this Walmart dress is perfect for transitioning into fall. The color is just stunning! Great for layering, but then you can also take off the layers if it gets hot where you live like it does here in Houston. I wore it with my panda dunks just last week (see here).

Dress // Belt // Boots

A great way to wear shorter dresses in Fall, or dress in general, is by adding layers. For this look, I layered a turtleneck UNDER the dress. See this post here on how to style your summer dresses in the fall.

Top // Pants // Shoes

Bring those whites into fall and winter with you! There is nothing I love more than a winter white, the quality on this feels buttery soft and NOT SEE THROUGH👏🏻. Not to mention, this would make the perfect travel outfit!

Fall transitional outfit with jeans, flats, and satin button down shirt.

Top // Denim // Shoes // Purse // (other similar items)

Next up, a VERY popular so many loved! It is a casual and chic outfit that can really go for any season! If you need more layers, a blazer or leather jacket is perfect. P.S. This top is a splurge, but it’s amazing!

Blazer // Skirt // Shoes (similar)

Dress // Shoes

Another Walmart find that blew my mind, especially when I saw the quality! Bring those shorter dresses into fall and even pair tights or stockings on the colder days to complete the look.

Jacket // Pants // Shoes

A trend I think we are going to see more of this season is cargo pants… and I am totally here for it! I scored these at Zara, and now I can’t stop with the cargo pants trend. I’m a little late to it, but I love it!

fall transitional outfit ideas with a casual pin stripped sweater from H&M and cargo pants.

Top // Pants // Shoes

black top paired with cargo pants from zara and steve madden slides for a fall transitional outfit

Top (similar) // Pants // Shoes


  1. Trench Coats:

The trench coat is a timeless piece that’s perfect for transitioning into fall. You can layer it over your summer dresses, skinny jeans, or even tailored shorts. Pair your trench coat with boots for a chic look, and don’t forget to add a stylish belt to cinch at the waist. This versatile outfit will keep you warm and stylish on those chilly fall mornings. Have some fun with them and try different colors and patterns!

  1. Denim on Denim:

Double up on denim to create an effortlessly cool fall look. I recently created a look for a denim and denim studio photoshoot, and I don’t think I will ever be over it. This is where I want to encourage you to combine your favorite denim jeans with a denim jacket or chambray shirt. This combo provides a relaxed yet trendy outfit that’s perfect for the transitional weather. Add some sneakers to complete the look, and you are ready to go!

  1. Midi Dresses:

Midi dresses have been a summer staple for a while now, and they can easily transition into the fall season. So, I highly recommend adding some to your closet. Simply add a blazer to your midi dress like I did in the above picture. Choose earthy tones or fall-inspired prints to embrace the season’s aesthetic, but at the same time, I never stray from color, so don’t be afraid to add some to your fall outfits.

  1. Layers:

If you ask me, fall is all about layering, and you can mix and match your summer and winter pieces for a chic and practical look. Consider pairing a sleeveless turtleneck sweater with a button-down shirt and skinny jeans (yes, skinny jeans are still in 🤪). Layering keeps you cozy and allows you to experiment with different textures and colors!

Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. With the right pieces, you can create the perfect fall transitional outfits that keep you comfortable and stylish throughout the season. Whether you’re drawn to classic trench coats, denim combos, midi dresses, layers, or leather accents, there’s a fall look for every fashion sense.

As always I hope this post helps give you a better idea and look at fall transitional outfits! Breaking it all down makes it easier to make notes on what you may already have or helps you keep an eye out for things you might want to add to your closet. Always feel free to reach out to me over on Instagram if you have any questions or looking for something specific! I’d love to help 💗

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