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summer floral dress summer floral dress

Today I wanted to talk, or really more like rant about what’s been on my heart.

Life is busy, super busy! Two kids, house work, errands, meetings and work…phew I’m out of breath just saying all that. Somewhere along the way with running around after two kids, and responding to emails during nap time, I feel like I have lost track of time. We are always on the go, and I feel like come weekends, it’s even crazier then during the week days.  I can only imagine what life will be like with 3 kids…ahhhh!

I feel like I have been so consumed with work and being busy with the kids, that I’m missing out on what really matters. Is life ever meant to be simple? Or is the enemy that good at keeping us busy? I’ve mentioned before that I am a freak when it comes to my to-do list. I have that type A personality that I thrive on just getting things done, and not really caring about anything else along the way.

With life’s demand- laundry, dinner, cleaning up, attending to the families needs and blog work. Somewhere along the way I have lost track of I wouldn’t say the meaning of life, but of what really matters. I feel like the enemy has done a really good job at keeping me busy, keeping the family busy. I am not really sure what even needs to change, but I know something does need to change. I know I need to let go of my to-do list (something I really struggle with). I know I also need to say “no” more.

Maybe I really just miss how easy life was with no kids (is that bad for me to say that)? I mean don’t get me wrong I LOVE my kids. But gah, life was so easy and restful without kids!

I really don’t know my point in saying all this, maybe your also struggling with time and being busy, or maybe you’re sitting on the other end and thinking I have completely lost it (I have two kids, I have officially lost it a long time ago).

I want to end with this, I take pretty pictures, and I am blessed, but I have my struggles. Even though I am super organized, somehow time management has not been good over here. I get told all the time how y’all love that my pictures are not perfectly curated, well that is on purpose. Blogging may be my job, and I take it very serious, I try my best to show you the real me. I’m goofy, crazy, straight hood (don’t let the white girl fool ya, I can bust a cap! haha!!), but most of all I love Jesus, my family and I love what I do…I just need to find a better way to mesh it all together without going on another rant in a blog post! Haha.

If your still reading this, Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day! I’m off to go get my to-do list done!

summer floral dress summer floral dress summer floral dress summer floral dress summer floral dress summer floral dress summer floral dress summer floral dress summer floral dress Affiliate Links: ℅ Dress (same pattern, different style) | Denim Jacket (25% off!) | ℅ Shoes (only a few sizes left) | Bag (similar) | Sunnies

Photog by Ailee Petrovic

P.S. I am actually wearing this floral dress backwards, I like the V-neck detail a bit better, especially with the denim jacket. Also, my vintage Chanel bag was from Heroes & Handbags where I had the bid for the purse to help out a family with children who are battling cancer.

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  • So I really enjoyed reading this post! You made me giggle! And don’t worry, I have zero kids and I’m always running around like crazy asking where did the time go? I think it’s called having a blog! LOL! I find it hard just staying organized with my thoughts sometimes so I totally feel ya! But just keep up the awesome work!


    • HAHA, so good to talk to you yesterday! You are right, blogging is not for the faint! I look forward to seeing all you do at home now! 😉