The Best of Gap Sale


I actually made it out my house yesterday and ended up going to Gap. Well, call it what you want to, but I think it was made for me to go in, haha! The Gap sale going on right now is HUGE guys.

Gap Sale 2017 | The best of Gap Sale for the family | Uptown with Elly Brown

The Gap sale is currently 50% PLUS an extra 20% off with code: “CHEERS”! This sweater and shoes were a few of the items I snagged in store. I recently bought the boys tons of winter clothes and playtime clothes too, now those are all on sale. I am linking those all below too since a lot of you aks where I shop for the boys.

Have fun shopping! Thank you so much for stopping by have a good day!


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I had no idea GAP was on sale! I’m so excited, I love the brand! 🙂

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