How To Get Tousled Waves

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Houston Beauty blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shared how to get Tousled Waves for any length hair in under 20 minutes! Click here for more!

products mentioned: T3 Micro cascading wand / T3 Micro base / Oribe Texture spray


Recently I’ve been asked a lot to share this tousled waves tutorial. I have been curling my hair like this for a couple of months now. I love how relaxed and laid back it is!

My biggest tip on how to achieve this tousled wave look is to always leave out about 2 inches of your hair on the ends out (as in do not wrap your hair around the wand). The other tip is to only wrap your hair around the wand about 1 1/2 to 2 times.

Once you have curled all of your hair, let it sit and cool off. Finish with your favorite hairspray or texture spray! And voila, you have the tousled waves!


I was recently sent this Cascading Wand from T3 and if you follow long on IG, you know I have been raving about this wand. Now hear me out, I know this has a hefty price tag. But this wand is worth every. single. penny.

I would not recommend this wand unless I didn’t love it. Now, with that said, I would save up and get the wand during the NSale, or when T3 has a sale online.

The nice thing is that you can slowly build your collection once you have the base. But the sets are also cheaper. Either way, this wand has been amazing.


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