Gift Ideas for Kids Under $100

Every year I feel like Christmas comes sooner and sooner. Anyone else feels that way? I love this time of year though. Even if we are constantly on the go we all get to spend time together, which means the world to me.

How are you spending this Christmas? I know 2020 and travel plans are not “normal” this year. My parents were supposed to be visiting, but unfortunately won’t be able to. I’m so bummed! I have not seen my dad (other than facetime of course) in a few years!

This is another list of gift ideas for kids under $100 to help your shopping days go smoother and hopefully easier 😉

Rest Sound, Night Light & Time to Rise Machine

This app-controlled device allows you and your little ones to sleep safe and sound and rise refreshed. Great to travel with to block out sounds!

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Zoo Ride-On Unicorn Toy

This ride-on unicorn will be your little one’s best friend through every adventure and growth spurt.

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Hunter Waterproof Rainboots

A pair of boots your little ones will be sure to make as splash in.

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Interactive Globe For Kids

This Globe takes your kid on an augmented reality based journey around the world. How cool is that?

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VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

For the kid that wants to be just like mom and dad. This splash proof watch comes in many different colors.

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SKITCH Complete Skateboard

This skateboard is great for all ages. It comes in a bag that is actually a back pack to make it easy to carry around.

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Waterproof Hooded Jacket

Your little adventurer will be ready to take on a rainy day in this waterproof and breathable jacket.

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Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Liam brings his tablet around with him and it keeps him ver entertained when he is not running around with his brothers. If you need convincing read one of the 89,000+ reviews!

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RedSwing Saucer Tree Swing

Add this to your back yard or front and the kids will never leave. It comes with 2 swing straps, 2 carabiners and 1 small carry bag. The outdoor swing can be hung on a tree securely!

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Basketball Hoop

Finding a basketball hoop that doesn’t break the bank can be hard to find. This one from Walmart is great. JB just put up two basketball hoops outside and I have to MAKE them come inside from playing.

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