Half Garage Gym On a Budget

I LOVE working out. Sore muscles for me makes me feel GOOD. Weird, I know. Throughout the years, I have been able to push my body and to see the strength I have never had before. AND IT FEELS GOOD. I wasn’t always into fitness though; the love for it didn’t come until after I had Colin. That’s when we started our half garage gym.

Houston lifestyle blogger shares her half garage gym on a budget makeover!

I love this little space in my house… or garage🤣. I have spent many early mornings here, and late nights here. Our garage gym isn’t entirely how I would like for it to be, but it’s a start! Ideally, I would love to add some TRX cables or a power cage. But because I wanted to add mirrors to the wall, that was the trade-off.

Houston lifestyle blogger shares her half garage gym on a budget makeover!

I don’t think our little space is grand, it’s just enough for me, and gets the job done! JB has a gym membership and works out early mornings before work to miss traffic, so this space is mainly for me.

You can find all the links below for what we used, but before you scroll down to see details, I wanted to share what we did.


Needing Inspo for a garage gym? Houston lifestyle blogger Elly Brown shares her Half garage gym space, see all the details here!

Needing Inspo for a garage gym? Houston lifestyle blogger Elly Brown shares her Half garage gym space, see all the details here!


For our mirrors, we bought ten mirrors and glued them to the wall. Now, this can be tricky and dangerous if a mirror falls, so please make sure you are doing this correctly! We also nailed each mirror with those little mirror clips (or whatever you call them).

Our mats are treadmill mats. They are not thick at all- I wish we would have gotten something a bit thicker (TBH), but we are leaving it as is. The pull-up bar you see was a DIY project JB did for me. One of my fitness goals is to be able to do unassisted pull-ups, I am so far from this goal. BUT I AM GOING TO ACHIEVE IT!

Finally, my boxing bag. I am not a boxer, but I’m a Latina, and we are naturally hot-headed, LOL😝. This bag is there for me to let out some steam. I love a little boxing bag session; it burns and feels so GOOD.

Half Garage gym on a budget with floor mats, and mirrors!

all details: mats / mirrors / boxing bag / step stools / bike / skateboard holder / excersise ball / utility hooks

find more of my gym favorites here;




Comment below, do you have a garage gym? It is a full gym garage or half? Would love to hear from you! Thank you so much for stopping by!






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10 comments on “Half Garage Gym On a Budget

  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says: http://charmainenyw.com

    So inspiring! Thanks for sharing! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog recently posted…The Hottest Restaurant in Paris and Why You Have to VisitMy Profile

  • Justin says: https://prolinerangehoods.com/blog/9-ways-modernize-kitchen/

    I love this idea so much! Because of all the quarantine stuff, I’ve gotten some stuff for my own “home gym” just sliders for hardwood and carpet floors and an ab roller – good start for me, I think!
    Justin recently posted…What certifications does Proline Range Hoods have?My Profile

  • DANIEL ZACH says:

    what did you mount the bag to on the ceiling. Is it just a joist as I have a heavy bag attached to a joist in our basement and it shakes the entire house when we use it.

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      hey Daniel! You can hear it slightly on the second floor, but it’s not bad. Look for Everlast Wood Beam Holder (EA) on amazon. Thats the one we got

  • Sonya Servin says:

    Hi! What glue did you use for the mirrors and where did you purchase them?

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      Hi Sonya, I just got a regular floor mirror from IKEA. As far as glue, it’s a professional mirror glue from Home Depot

  • Gym says: https://gymequipmentcenter.com/

    Great garage gym. There is everything you need!

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  • Unabis says: https://unabis.com/

    Cool that you were able to do it. Looks fantastic! To be honest, I always thought that our garage was too big and we could redo it a bit, because 4 bicycles, 1 car and a lot of garbage are very easy to fit in our garage. Now I see where people put free space. I also really like what kind of simulators you bought yourself! That’s cool! I would really like to buy myself a treadmill, I hope that I will do it soon!
    Unabis recently posted…How and When to Take CBD for SleepMy Profile

    • gym near me Cleveland says: https://www.asapfitness.net

      It all starts with a goal. Whether it’s to lose weight, become more active, join group fitness classes, improve flexibility, or even finish a 5k, everyone has at least one goal in mind when joining a gym.