Happy Birthday Colin!


















DSC_0134 My little baby is one, ONE!! It feels like just yesterday we were rushing to the hospital as I yelled at Jordan to hurry up and drive faster.

Jadyn and Colin are just under a year apart. Jadyn was born January 11, 2013 and Colin was born January 1, 2014. I vividly remember Jadyn being 5 months old and us finding out we were 2 months pregnant. My gosh that was crazy, I couldn’t fathom the idea of having two babies so close together, but now that I have my sweet Colin, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

January 1 around noon time we were getting ready to see my parents, and at that stage even though I was only 37 weeks, I felt like I had been pregnant for two years! I just wanted Colin out of me, so the same way he was conceived was the same way I was trying to get him out of me (TMI I know). Shortly after our rendezvous, contractions started and they were 5 minutes apart and a little over 1 minute each.

A few hours go by and after walking, sitting, eating, and trying to get comfortable I decided to call the doctor. I talked to the nurse and she said the only way to know if I was really in labor was for them to evaluate me. So we left Jadyn with my parents, went back home to get the hospital bags, and off to the hospital we went. Around 4:00pm, the Nurse checks to see how far dilated I am and it turns out I’m 3cm dilated. She calls the doctor to confirm and the doctor gives the ok to keep me and hook up the IV’s. A couple of hours go by, and with the IV’s keeping me hydrated the contractions start to spread out a little from 5 minutes to about 7 minutes but still lasting about a minute each.

The doctor comes in and says that if I haven’t dilated any more they would be sending me home to wait it out instead of keeping me in the hospital. Thankfully after checking me I did in fact dilate another 2cm. The doctor decided in order to keep things moving they would break my water and give me pitocin. AND HOLY COW I kid you not that it took only about 5 minutes and I was screaming for the epidural after they broke my water. Side note: Jordan was no where around during this part because he got hungry, and its now a tradition that when I give birth he eats fried chicken. ::insert angry/confused/jealous face here:: The epidural didn’t kick in as fast as it did with Jadyn, it probably took about 30 minutes of me feeling like someone was stabbing me in my back.

Fast forward to about 8:00pm and I am now fully dilated and ready to go, but of course the doctor is at home. Thankfully she lived close, but the only problem to that was that it was around 8:30ish and she still wasn’t there and I was feeling A LOT of pressure. I kept telling the nurse that Colin was going to come out. The doctor FINALLY comes in and asks me to push just one time (well one push was all it took for his head to crown). I think that was the fastest a delivery crew ever got ready. I told them he was coming, but apparently no one listened.

I pushed one more time and Colin was born at 9:09pm weighing in at 6.9lbs and 19.4inches long. Now one year later we have a handsome, smart, loving, little man who brings so much joy to our lives. Colin, we love you buddy to the moon and back and can’t wait to see what God has for you in your future. I’m grateful that God has chosen me to be your momma! Love you bubba!

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