Healthy Hair Tips You Should Try

I will admit right off the bat that I am a hair snob. Not in the sense that I only have to have expensive products on my hair, but that I am VERY, VERY careful with what I do to my hair and how I take care of it. I don’t think it’s difficult to achieve healthy hair, but you have to be mindful of what you’re putting your hair through. I’ve gotten asked a lot over on social media how I have maintained healthy and shiny hair and have even grown my hair. So today, I’m breaking down all my healthy hair tips!

I am breaking it all down from products that I use to things I do. Now, remember, this isn’t an XYZ formula. Different hair textures will require different care. I’m not a hairstylist; just sharing what I do and how I take care of my hair.

I’ve done a lot with my hair over the last ten years. I have done extensions twice (I hated them both times). I have been blonde and was blonde for quite some time. Then, I did pink (JB’s mom had breast cancer and passed away). And now I have gone back to my natural color and have been dark for three years now. I also joined the bang club during quarantine. Last year, my hair was chin level (see here), so it’s grown quite a bit!

So what are my healthy hair tips? SO glad you asked 😉 some of these, I am sure you know, it’s not rocket science; it’s simply doing it.

here are my hair tips…

I was my hair once or twice a week. 

Limit dry shampoo, IT’S NOT YOUR BEST FRIEND. I limit the dry shampoo as much as I can on my scalp. It only clogs your scalp, not allowing it to breathe. Head over to watch this video on healthy scalp tips. 

I apply a deep conditioner once a week in the shower. 

I recently also been using a pre-shower oil, and it’s AMAZING. 

Regular trims to avoid split ends. I go about every 8 weeks.

Avoid as much heat as you can! I try to air dry my hair as much as I can and limit the times I use hot tools on my hair. And if you are using heat, YOU HAVE TO USE A HEAT PROTECTOR.

If you’re experiencing dry scalp, I linked a few products below that helped me. But if your scalp is also dry, take a look at the ingredients in your hair care products. Many hair products have alcohol which can be very drying and irritating to the scalp. 

You NEED, yes, need a hair towel. I linked one below that is meant for your hair. Less damage, less breakage, and friction on your hair when drying. I also have these microfiber scrunchies that also work great! I also use a silk pillowcase for skin and hair!

Speaking of scrunchies, avoid doing too much to your hair and using hair ties. I try to use my claw clips as much as I can instead because it’s less pulling and tugging on my hair, leading to less breakage. 

Finally, take a close look at your diet and water intake. Your hair grows from within, so be mindful of what you are eating. Since having a higher protein intake, I have seen a HUGE difference in my hair health. Watch this video if you have time, Dr. explains collagen and protein well! I do also take these biotin vitamins and my ritual vitamins daily. 

I also want to mention, that I did get COVID last year and did have some hair thinning, it’s only been about 3 months of me trying Virtual Labs, and I have seen regrowth where I have lost hair. Stay tuned for more of that and a review of the flourish line I’ve been using.


That my friend is what I do to maintain healthy shiny hair! Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed today’s post and my healthy hair tips!


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