Hidden Crown Extensions

Welcome! In today’s video let’s talk about my favorite brand of hair extensions, Hidden Crown Extensions. Off the bat, remember I am no hair extension pro, but just wanting to simply share my beginner’s tips and tricks that I have picked up from others and friends.

However, if you are a pro, and you can do this with your eyes closed, please share your tips and tricks below!

Houston beauty blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her beginner tips and tricks on how she make her Hidden Crown Extensions look like real hair!



My Hidden Crown clip in extensions are in the Ash Light Blonde with lowlights in color 60/8



Here is a bit more information about what you get with your Crown Clip-ins:
One 7.5″ Volumizer with 3 clips Double Drawn 100% human REMY hair
Two 5″ side pieces with 3 clips 100% human REMY hair

Available in the following lengths:
14 inch set: 50 gram Volumizer and 40 gram side pieces
16 inch set: 60 gram Volumizer and 40 gram side pieces
18 inch set: 70 gram Volumizer and 40 gram side pieces
20 inch set: 80 gram Volumizer and 50 gram side pieces
22 inch set: 90 gram Volumizer and 50 gram side pieces


*If you have any questions you can visit Hidden Crowns FAQ and check out Desi Perkin’s video here.


Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!



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The extensions look super natural and good, Elly! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


Your Hidden Crown Extension seems fabulous and Real. For many days, I have been looking for this one exactly. Thanks a lot.

Stella James

Your crown extension looks amazing. I have been searching for this for so long. Thanks for sharing it.