His and Hers Shared Office

Our his and hers shared office space is FINALLY DONE!! It took way longer than expected, two years in the making, BUT IT IS DONE. I feel like I have tweaked this room more times than I can count. But with it now being done and seeing the finished room, I think it has all been worth it. I love the contrast between my side and JB’s side. And everyone who see’s it also says the same thing.

But again, I wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves his side, and I love mine. So now I can move on to our bedroom. Hopefully, that won’t take two years to complete, ha!

Looking for shared office decor Ideas? Here Elly shares His and Hers Shared Office and how they share their office at home!

I always wanted chairs, but to be honest, I didn’t pull the trigger and went with the stools instead. Even though I’m agitated that the stool broke, these chairs look SO much better and ARE SO COMFY to sit in. It also feels a bit more inviting and welcoming to sit. So… sort of a win there, I should have just gone with chairs, to begin with, & would’ve saved money🤪.

I looked and looked FOREVER for a huge mirror like this one, I was SO excited when I found it on sale for 50% off!

When I got these custom lip art, JB said “it’s so me”, and I couldn’t agree. How cool that they are made of barbie heels!?

Here you’ll see how our office space is shared. We contemplated how to utilize the area for a while and then decided to add custom built-ins on his side. I saw an image a while ago on Pinterest with a similar look/vibe, and I knew I wanted something like this for JB. Since I knew my side would be girly and feminine, I wanted a very different contrast to his side. Needless to say, I think we nailed that. Don’t you think?

Now before you ask me, can JB possibly have ANY more computer screens? The answer yes, actually he could if I said yes. And I know the follow-up question is going to be, what does he do that he needs THAT many screens? He works in oil, and you’ll see that awful laminated map that he insists on being hung in the office is a glimpse of what he does. I will give him credit, though; he did laminate the map to make it look a little bit better 🤣.

I have begged JB since we moved in and completed his built in’s to get a nice-looking chair. But, the man would not budge. He bought this mesh-looking chair that ruined the whole look of the office (yes, fully aware I am being a diva here). Finally, I gave him no choice and just bought this one, and now we both love it. It’s still comfortable for him, and he’s able to sway and lean back, and it’s nice to look at and matches his side of the office! win, win!

shop the items

pink chairs / mirror / rug / peace sign figurine / JB’s chair / floating shelf / picture frames / light fixture
everything else is pretty much from the old home and old!

It’s been a couple of years in the works to finally complete our his and hers shared office space, but I’m so glad at how it looks, and now I can officially move on to the next room.

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!




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