Holiday Gift Guide For the Kids

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Legos // Perfect for the ages of 1-5 so it had to be part of this Holiday Gift guide. Hours (or maybe really only minutes but hey, better than nothing?!) of entertainment. The great thing about Legos is it encourages to imagine and build new things!

BasketBall Play Set // Forget going to the arcade. Not sure who would have more fun here with this one, dad or the kids. Either way, this is a fun game for the whole family. It’ll get the competitive juices flowing!

Scarf Crossbody Bag // I mean, what girl doesn’t need a bag?! It also has a scarf. I mean, come on! This bag is just so adorable to me.

Faux Leather Biker Jacket // You may think it’s silly for a girl to have a motto jacket, but I would beg to differ. Any little fashionista would love this!

Ripped Jeans // Zara gets me with their skinny jeans for kids. Their denim for kids holds really well, and are so so cute on little humans!

Bomber Jacket // As you can see I am a huge fan of  Zara for kids. I think the price is great and it’s trendy. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing a trendy kid. This bomber jacket is perfect for the cool kid; ya know the one that’s too cool to kiss mom goodbye.

Girls Boots & Athletic Boy’s Nikes from Rack Room Shoes // My family loves shoes. Jadyn especially, the kid gets so excited for new shoes! He has these Nike’s, and if I let him, he would wear them every day.

Thunder Trax // Kids now a day love anything that is a gadget.  Heck, this even looks cool to me. I think this is a great alternative for air drones.

VTech Sports Center // Vtech has so many cool toys for toddlers, this is also nice because it grows with your child.

Barbie Zip House // Girls and Barbies, best of both worlds!  I like how this zip ups, it’s great to take with you anywhere but also one of those out of sight out of mind kind of toy. The cleanup on this zip house should be super easy!

Pie Face // I want this game for us! Although, I don’t want to be the one with pie smashed in my face. I just want to laugh at Jordan having pie smashed in his face. This is great for family game night, s it had to be part of my holiday gift guide. (People still do that right?!)

What do you think? Did I miss anything out of my holiday gift guide for kids? Let me know in the comments below!!

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