Hot or NOT: Beachwaver S1 Iron

Hot or not? I picked up the new Beachwaver and I decided to test it out for you! Enjoy!

Is the Beachwaver hot or not?! Find out more at Uptown with Elly Brown!


Happy Friday!! A few weeks ago I saw the beachwaver at Target, and my curiosity got me. I wanted to give this baby a whirl. I have seen tons of videos on Facebook, and it looked like it worked great.

Well, I am finally putting it to the test today and sharing my thoughts and opinion. I tried to keep the video as short as possible, while still showing you how it works. I hope you enjoy this video! And as always, if you have any questions, just let me know!

I would also love to hear from you and if you have tried the Beachwaver, what your thoughts are, or if you have any tips on how to use the iron.

I hope you have a great Mother’s Day weekend, and I will see you back here next week!

Beachwaver and all their products here

What I have on:
Foundation / ℅ Lipstick color in “Honey tinted” / Eyeshadow / Blush /  Highlighter /  Brows / ℅ earrings


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2 comments on “Hot or NOT: Beachwaver S1 Iron

  • Patricia Guerrero says:

    Great video! I haven’t hear of this wand before. I do have a similar one and love how the curls come out.

    • Elly says:

      What kind of wand do you use? would love to hear which one! 🙂