How to Apply Red Lipstick

red lips makeup

Ahh, red lips. They make you feel powerful, confident, and sexy all at the same time. I love a red lip! I just wish I could wear it more (I would end up with none left by the end of the day with smooching my kids all day long). But since I have bigger lips so I love being able to put some color on them. Just like anything in life (or with makeup) practice makes perfect.

If you are a beginner or maybe a little shy to rock a red lip (which no one woman should be, I have yet to see a classic red lip look bad on someone, no matter what shape/size lips you have) I am here to help! Just in time for New Year’s I wanted to help you with some tips and tricks on how to apply a red lip and how to make it last all night! Ready? Lets do this …

  • First things first, make sure to exfoliate your lips and get all the dead skin off. I love this lip exfoliater.
  • Next up, I like to apply a bit of concealer on my lips to give it a matte finish and to last longer! I actually like to use my under eye corrector because it’s a perfect match for my skin tone and I just love it that much.
  • Apply your liner. Always, always, always apply liner! Applying liner will help you shape your lips and help to make sure the color doesn’t bleed. (Anytime I don’t use liner, my color always bleeds and smudges very easily!) I always start with lining my cupids bow and then extend the line further down to make a ‘V’ shape (picture below). Next, line the middle of your lower lips followed by lining the rest of my lips. Note: I don’t connect from the middle out. I always connect the liner from the outer corner to the middle. By doing so, I feel like I can line my lips more smoothly and really follow the natural shape of my lips (I’m not a fan of over lining!!)
  • Next I fill in my lips with the lip pencil. I don’t do this all the time, but for a red lip I like the color to pop, plus this IT cosmetics lip stain liner is waterproof, so I know the lip liner will help my color last longer.
  • Once I have applied the lipstick I get a pro precision brush and clean up the mess-ups and make sure everything is even with the same under eye corrector I use to prep my lips.
  • Last, I take a tissue and lightly press it against my lips and I apply a translucent powder with a fluffy brush over the tissue (over your lips of course). Just like I bake my under eyes with a powder I kinda do the same with my lips, although you don’t want to apply it directly on the lips.

That’s it! Pretty easy right? If you have the right tools and products rocking a red lip is super easy ! You still have time to practice so you can rock a bold lip for NYE! So go forth and have fun!

red lips makeup
red lips makeup

red lips makeup red lips makeup red lips makeup red lips makeup red lips makeup red lips makeup

And just for fun, if you ever wonder just how silly I am, here are my outtakes after like 50 selfies… Go ahead you can laugh at me! Haha!red lips makeup

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Man I sure do wish that my lips were as big as yours so I could rock a red lip better!! Thank you for sharing your tips, definitely going to try using lip liner!

Loren Ferguson

Love it!! Rock those red lips! <3


Very usefull 🙂 I`m kinda crazy about red lips, especially in winter